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    Girl with black sweater wrapped around peach top

    I'm not sure the time line allows this, since Alcala has been in custody continuously since 1980 and Laureen went missing in April 1980, but they look pretty close to me. Of course we all know photo matching is not my strong suit...
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    Ontario but a trucker so everywhere.


    Missing Date: Apr 26, 1980
    Missing City: MANCHESTER
    Missing State : NH

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    I think this one has very much the look of a runaway kid to me.

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    I thought it was close but alcala had put all his photos in a storage locker in 79'. she whent missing in 80. (like you said)
    im not sure if its just the hairstyle & apple cheeks but it reminds me of Angela Rader
    http://www.missingkids.com/missingki...archLang=en_US although i know theres already a suspect for her...
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    Is she the same girl in another photo doing the muscleman pose?

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    Did he seriously taker her photo right infront of a funeral procession where the people behind here are carrying a casket? Tell me its my eyes. Sure would explain why they're all dressed up back there. (No, maybe it's a bench.. looks like one guy's sitting.)

    (Her hair is SO 60s!)

    (reposting the original too) :

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