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    That article is from March of 2010. Although there is a great possibility that Alcala did have something to do with Gaunt, he most likely will never be held responsible for it. Since he is already on death row in California, other states (except New York) don't want to use the resources to convict him on other murders. He's currently in New York waiting for trial on the murders of Cornelia Crilley and Ellen Hover.

    Welcome to Websleuths and thanks for posting here!
    My book, More Than Just A Pretty Face, about the unidentified photos of Rodney Alcala, will be published in 2017. Please visit and join my Facebook group to get all of the most recent information.


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    I just noticed that that both "boy" JDs have turned out BOTH to be female. I think that both girls are the two UID's.

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    You saved me having to look back. I thought that was the case I was thinking of. Good catch!

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    If the comparisons being made here are with the Mendocino unidentified remains from mile marker 21.11 on Hwy 20, those remains have been identified via DNA. They are Kerry Ann Graham and Francine Trimble. Misidentification of one skeleton as male stalled their identification for many years. News story linked here: http://www.willitsnews.com/article/N...NEWS/160209999

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    I think I read somewhere that the girl laying down in front of the blue sheet was his ex Beth Kelleher. I tried to find it, but i couldn't, but you can look her up and see they are the same people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlK90245 View Post
    I called this in a week ago, and today, Detective Reilly of Huntington Beach PD returned my call.

    At the time I made the call, it was thought that this was a boy, and consequently, that it was a possible to Mendocino County John Doe. However, it was later concluded on this board that this is actually a female.

    Detective Reilly confirmed this. This is a female, and therefore is not a match to Mendocino John Doe.
    The remains both have been identified as female.... One skeletal remain was incorrectly thought male but has been proven to be female. Anyone know the status of investigation oof these two? Perfect timing for A to be the one responsible, with pictures to prove ... just my thoughts.

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    Try the Cold Case thread for the investigation

    There is a Cold Case thread on these two girls:
    Now that they are identified and officially declared homicides, that may be the place to track them, to avoid cross-posting. The latest posts on their disappearance are over there.

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