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    Angry CA - Indecent Exposure Leads To Far Worse

    By all accounts Jonathan Douglas Hill was a quiet guy. His neighbors didn't know too much about him except they knew he fished.

    This guy is dangerous to the max. Hill exposed himself to quite a few underage girls. He exposed himself to a little girl with a bike. He drove by her and made a sexual remark, exposed himself, and then smiled. The child's parents were not far behind her (Thank God) and called police. They find Jon boy here is the same guy they're looking for in similar incidents. Get a search warrant.

    At this nutters home they find a rape kit. I can't even describe what's in it. Warning it's at link. Business cards with underage girl photos on them looking for models, children's underwear, and tons of child pornography. Oh and firearms to boot.

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    Meet Jon Hill. He says he runs the bait and tackle blah blah on E-Bay. Man, you just never know.

    This guy is dangerous. LE is looking into what they believe is Hill sexually assaulting a number of children.

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    Man, they caught this slime JUST in the nick of time, it seems! What he's already done is bad enough...but thank the stars he can't go on to perpetrate whatever even WORSE sick disgusting plan he had brewing in his twisted mind. Good job LE! Keep him 'til he rots!

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    i wouldnt be so sure he hasnt already

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