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    2010.03.24 Nancy Grace: Misty Reveals What Happend To Haleigh in Letter!!!

    Breaking rpt: Misty Croslin reveals what happened to Haleigh in letter!

    Breaking News! Shocking reports emerge that Misty Croslin allegedly wrote a letter to a family member revealing what she knows about the night Haleigh Cummings disappeared! Will this bombshell new evidence finally lead investigators to Haleigh? Nancy Grace has the latest breaking developments every night at 8 & 10 PM E.T. on HLN!

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    I'm thinking it will start like this:

    Misty: I put her to bed at 8:00 cuz she has to go to school the next day.

    Next, lots of blabber about blankets.

    IOW,, I'm not expecting anything new. jmo
    Just striving to be average.

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    Wasn't this all refuted a week or so ago? Once again, bombshell (game) by NG.

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    ***No DISCUSSION until show time***

    If there are posts before time of the show from this point forward, they will be removed without warning.

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    Kim I have a question? Would we be able to make a separate post to discuss this letter or no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillenFan21 View Post
    Kim I have a question? Would we be able to make a separate post to discuss this letter or no?
    We need more than a link to NG's show announcement. If there is a media outlet discussing the letter then yes.

    Even Steph's blog or Art Harris's site would be allowable.

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    Show time!

    Where's Panthera and everyone?

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    They are talking about a four year old boy's body found in the woods today. He was being babysat by his mom's boyfriend.

    And how a grandmother pimped her grandchild for cocaine.

    Doesn't appear they are covering Haleigh so I'm closing the thread.

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