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    RIP-Robert Culp, who starred in `I Spy,' dead at 79

    Robert Culp, the versatile actor who teamed with Bill Cosby in the groundbreaking comedy-adventure TV series "I Spy," has died. He was 79.
    The actor's agent Hillard Elkins says Culp died after collapsing Wednesday on a sidewalk outside his Hollywood home. Los Angeles police say he hit his head while on a walk and was pronounced dead after arriving at a hospital.
    A preliminary investigation found that his death is accidental.

    More at link


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    R.I.P. I always liked his acting!
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    I remember him in The Greatest American Hero. He'll be missed.

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    One of my favorite actors, may he RIP forever.

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    Oh, how sad. I always enjoyed him.
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    May he rest in peace. I always liked his work and he seemed like such
    a nice guy. We need more actors like him.


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    I'm going to age myself... my Mother loved watching "I Spy" and it's one of the first shows I can remember watching with her.

    RIP Mr. Culp. Your talent and humor will be missed.

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    too young for i spy.

    ironically, there is an actor named steven culp who looks alot like him, yet despite the appearence and name they are not related......stephen culp got a role in 'jason goes to hell the final friday' cause when he auditioned they thought he was roberts son lol

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    May he rest in peace.


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