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    Thumbs up PA - Quincy Jamal Williams, Violent Rapist - Possible Serial Rapist Philadelphia 2009

    Thought I had a thread on this. Most likely I worked it into another one and cojoined it.

    A violent, lethal, vicious rapist struck several prostitutes in the Philadelphia Kensington section. The man so callously left these women for dead after jumping on them after lurking in alleys and abandoned houses. One woman was cut with a box cutter.

    A sting on tricks (johns) pulled in 76 men. DNA was taken. They got a match on one so far. Quincy Jamal Williams aged 37 of Kensington is their man. They are still waiting on more DNA testing to link the man whose mug sketch was all over Philly.

    Williams a a convicted murderer. Good to know he got out. He was also a celly of the infamous Arthur Bomar who murdered Aimee Willard in 1996. A daughter of a Police Officer in the suburbs. Bomar left Aimee's body in a trash littered lot. Neighbors in the neighborhood adopted Aimee's family as their own and made a garden where her body was found.

    Sketch at link and more. I haven't seen the real guy's face yet so I'm not sure how close the match is. Thank you Philly LE for caring for a victim no matter how her life went wayward. Thank you for caring for these victims.


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    Sounds like good police work.

    A victim is a victim. Period.

    Only the dead have seen the end of War.

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    i had jury duty in dec 2008....the case was for john who raped and sexually assaulted his victim. one of the things the judge/lawyers asked during jury selection was 'does anyone have an issue with a prostitute being a victim?' i found that question disgusting. i hope in this case here we dont get more of that.

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    Thank you Boz and K. I always, always keep in mind these girls and guy for that matter are someone's family member. They sure as heck didn't grow up saying "I want to be a prostitute". Your hearts would break if you saw these girls in this neighborhood where this happened.

    WELL, looks like besides being a CONVICTED MURDERER Williams also dimed out Arthur Bomar. I can tell you Bomar was one really frightening guy. Williams told that in their cell Bomar bragged they'd never find the body of Maria Cubuenos because he dumped her body in the boondocks and he should have done the same with Aimee Willard. I wonder if that got Williams some time off his sentence?


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