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    Flooding in Rhode Island

    Many homes and cars are under water and people have been rescued from homes and cars by boats that can float down the roadways. We have had bridges collapse and sections of roads just wash away.
    Aerial video of one of our malls which is half under water:


    The main news site that has countless photos and stories on the main page:


    I am very fortunate that our home is fine, we have a pond in the back yard that wasn't there before but none has made it into the house that the sump pump couldn't handle.

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    Oh thank god you and your home are ok Misfit....how horrible!!

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    I was *very* fortunate myself. My neighbors across the street, not so much. I have never seen so many number of hoses coming out of one home(s) in this part of the State. Roads closed. Behind me, they have a literal lake. It's a mess here.
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    I live in RI as well. Thankfully, my house hasn't been damaged. My neighborhood was evacuated yesterday due to a bridge and a dam upstream that are in danger of collapsing. I think everything will be okay, though. I'm glad everyone else is okay!

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