We may have Batman and Messiah Messiah and a pervert soccer coach, but we do have some great neighbors.

Eagle Eyed neighbors saved a 95 year old man after a rotten **** broke into his home shoving him and threatening him with a knife. Thankfully the 70 something year olds Mr. and Mrs. McMaster saw the creep standing in front of their neighbors home smoking a ciggie. They then saw him knock on the door and charge in when the man answered.

Jumping to action the Mrs. called another neighbor and then 911 while her hubby and the other neighbor went in and pulled the guy out, and wrestled him on the lawn. The younger neighbor was stabbed and Mr. McMaster was trying to jump on the guy but slipped on the wet lawn.

Thankfully Phillies finest arrived in two minutes. Everyone including the victim is out of the hospital and safe at home.

Whooooooooooooooo does that to a 95 year old man? Who?