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    CA - California Man Travels By Train To Steal 13 Year Old

    22 year old John Vertrees met his girl on the computer. Too bad the girl is only 13 years old.

    Vertrees arrived last Wednesday by Amtrak and the girl snuck out her window so the two could spend a few hours together. I guess this brainyard made plans then as to when they would leave and hustle back to Sacramento where he lives.

    The girls parents awoke yesterday and found their daughter missing. They immediately called police in Long Island who jumped on it. They checked the girls computer and voila it came to light they were on Amtrak. They called and had the train halted. The two were found sleeping in a car of the train.

    Dang, you go police in Long Island. This could have ended up extremely bad. I'd even say for all we know he was going to traffic this poor kid out. Then again he's on Amtrak. That makes it even more scarry. Oh and they only "met" in January on line. Youkiddingme?


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    It really is amazing how bad the decision making skills of a teen can get isn't it? Thank god she was saved before she was faced with the many horrid potential consequences!

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    Sadly, I don't think that the girl missed out on all the "consequences". Notice that the article states that Vertrees sneaked into the girl's room and spent several hours with her on Wed. She didn't sneak out until early Friday morning. My guess is that they weren't in that room playing Scrabble.

    The boldness of a pedophile always blows me away. I remember reading one account where an admitted pedophile actually talked about getting a thrill out of abusing a child while their parents were present (under a table, in a car, during a normal seeming hug). Nothing will stop them.

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    Thank God that they found her who knows if she would have been killed or even sold to some one.I am sure at her age she will be checked to see if they had sex and if they did he will go to jail for a lot longer of a time.I hate to say this but even if they did do somethings at least they found her fast and alive.
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