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    Uganda - Children sacrificed for rituals in Uganda


    The practice of human sacrifice is on the rise in Uganda, as measured by ritual killings where body parts, often facial features or genitals, are cut off for use in ceremonies. The number of people killed in ritual murders last year rose to a new high of at least 15 children and 14 adults, up from just three cases in 2007, according to police. The informal count is much higher 154 suspects were arrested last year and 50 taken to court over ritual killings.

    "I call it a problem of psychological disorientation," said Binoga. "People get disoriented. People stop having respect in humanity and believe more in the worth of money and so-called good fortune, and they lose that natural social respect for people."

    I find this story so very disturbing. They are killing children because they believe that it will bring them wealth?!?! This lack of respect for humanity is only all too prevalent all over the world I am sorry to say, and that desperately needs to change. IMO

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    Yeah, this is pretty sickening.
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