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JonBenet Ramsey What really happened to 6 year old JonBenet? Someone is getting away with murder. All information posted on this site is gained through published documentation on this case. It is strictly opinion only.

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Old 05-10-2005, 10:45 AM
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Who's Who?

Ramsey Friends and Family
Archuleta, Mike (John Ramsey's pilot)
Archuleta, Pam (Mike Archuleta's wife)
Barnhill, Betty (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Barnhill, Joe (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Beuf, Dr. Francesco (Jonbenét's pediatrician & Ramsey friend)
Beuf, Penni (Dr Beuf's wife)
Brady, Shirley (Ramsey nanny)
Brumfitt, Diane (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Bynum, Mike (Ramsey lawyer)
Crowder, Judy (Lucinda Ramsey's neighbor in Atlanta)
Davis, Grant (Patsy Ramsey's brother in law)
Dillon, Margaret (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Durgin, Leslie (Mayor of Boulder)
Elowsky , "Pasta" Jay (John Ramsey's business associate & family friend)
Fernie, Barbara (Ramsey friend)
Fernie, John (Ramsey friend)
Gibbons, Scott (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Glynn, Mike (Access Graphics' "disgruntled employee")
Griffin , Kristine (Pam Griffin's daughter and Ramsey babysitter)
Griffin , Pamela (Jonbenét's costume designer)
Hand, Tom (Ramsey Boulder architect)
Haney, Carla (Boulder neighbor who walked her dog at 1am on 12/26/96)
Harrington, Pastor Dr. W. Frank (Ramsey minister in Atlanta)
Hoffman-Pugh, Linda (Ramsey housekeeper in Boulder)
Hofstrom, Pete (Asst Boulder DA and alleged Ramsey associate)
Hollis, Diane (former Access Graphics employee)
Hoverstock, Rev. Rol (Ramsey minister in Boulder)
Justice, Mary (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)
Kloster, Dr Gil (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)
Kloster, Jayne (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)
Limerick, Patricia (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Long III, Dr. Stewart (John Ramsey's son in law)
Marino, Jim (Access Graphic's employee and Ramsey friend)
McHue, Leslie (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
McLean, Linda Edison (Long time friend of Patsy Ramsey)
McReynolds, Bill (Santa, deceased)
McReynolds , Janet (Santa's wife)
Merrick, Jeff (former Ramsey friend and employee at Access Graphics)
Meyers, Glenn (boarded with the Barnhills)
Miles, Stephen (lived in Boulder, accused by John Ramsey)
Morgan, Bryan (Ramsey attorney)
Paugh, Donald (Patsy Ramsey's father)
Paugh, Nedra (Patsy Ramsey's mother)
Paugh, Pamela (Patsy Ramsey's younger sister)
Paugh Davis, Pauline "Polly” (Patsy Ramsey's youngest sister)
Phillips, Judith (former Ramsey friend)
Pugh, Mervin (husband of Linda Hoffman-Pugh)
Ramsey, Burke (Jonbenét's brother)
Ramsey, Elizabeth “Beth” (Jonbenét's eldest half sister, deceased)
Ramsey, Jeff (John Ramsey's brother)
Ramsey, John (Jonbenét's father)
Ramsey, John Andrew (Jonbenét's older half brother)
Ramsey, Jonbenét
Ramsey, Patricia "Patsy" Paugh (Jonbenét's mother)
Ramsey, Peggy (John Ramsey's sister in law)
Ramsey Johnson, Lucinda Pasch (John Ramsey's first wife)
Ramsey Long, Melinda (Jonbenét's older half sister)
Simons, Randy (Jonbenét's photographer)
Simpson , Carole (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)
Smith , Betty (friend of Patsy's from WV)
Smith, Jim (friend of Patsy's from WV)
Stanton, Luther (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Stanton, Melody (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)
Stevens, Dr. Donald (University friend of John Ramsey)
Stine, Glen (Ramsey friend in Boulder)
Stine, Susan (Ramsey friend in Boulder)
Stobie, Jane (former employee of Access Graphics)
Wagner, Laurie (Ramsey friend and employee of Access Graphics)
Walker , Roxanne “Roxy” (Ramsey friend in Boulder)
Walker, Stewart (Ramsey friend in Boulder)
Westmoreland , J. Rod (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)
White, Fleet (Ramsey friend in Boulder)
White, Priscilla (Ramsey friend in Boulder)

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Old 05-10-2005, 01:28 PM
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Team Ramsey(under construction)

Armistead, H Ellis
Burke, Patrick
Bynum, Mike
Douglas, John
Foreman, Lee
Furman, Patrick
Gray, William
Haddon, Hal
Jenkins, James
Korten, Patrick
Morgan, Bryan
Russel, Charlie
Williams, David
Wood, L Lin
Zimmer, Rachelle
Old 01-29-2006, 11:59 AM
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Susan Bennett (Jameson)
Internet forum owner, alleged Ramsey supporter and former trustee. Through her support for them, she gained the Ramsey's trust. This came to an end in 2002 when she was sensationally exposed for betraying the couple's trust by secretly selling this information to the National Enquirer.

Lin Wood's Letter
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