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Old 07-02-2006, 05:14 PM
Old Broad Old Broad is offline
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Father Admits To Killing Infant Son


I couldn't find a link to this case, if there is one please delete this. This baby was only 7 weeks old

The autopsy by Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic showed that Zebadiah was struck in the head with fatal force, Harper said. He also had wounds on his "right arm, right leg, chest, right ear and penis," Harper said.

"Are you guilty?" Jenkins asked Corn.

"Yes, sir," he responded. "I'm sorry."

No one appeared in court on behalf of Zebadiah. His mother has refused to cooperate with Knoxville Police Department Investigators A.J. Loeffler and Bryan Davis, although authorities have declined to say whether she may face charges in connection with the baby's death.

More at link.
Old Broad
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Old 07-02-2006, 06:22 PM
mindi77 mindi77 is offline
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Seems that this guy should have been in prison already and not let out to do this ....basically again.
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Old 07-02-2006, 07:28 PM
mssheila mssheila is offline
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No deal should have ever been offered here. Let him go to trial and let the jury give him death! He has a long history of crimes against women and children, he doesn't deserve another breath on this earth! From the article:

Corn's criminal history, which is littered with crimes against children, women and the vulnerable, was part of the reason the pair of prosecutors justified the decision.

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Old 07-02-2006, 07:41 PM
Bobbisangel Bobbisangel is offline
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Another one of those "just plead guilty and we will give you a good deal!"
That poor little baby didn't get any deal when he was beat to death. I can't understand why this guy was walking the streets with his violent past. I wonder how badly the 3 month old baby was injured. This guy should just be taken out and shot. Forget any deals. He is one evil piece of garbage.

What is wrong with that baby's mother that she wasn't in that courtroom to represent her baby! She wouldn't cooperate with LE when the baby was beaten to death. Just what kind of a person is she anyway. I think we can guess as she was with that scum bucket. That little baby is far better off up there with the Lord then he ever would have been with these two losers. I can just imagine what kind of life he would have had if he had lived.
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Old 07-02-2006, 08:27 PM
Delores Delores is offline
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what animals those parents must be.
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Old 07-02-2006, 08:46 PM
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This was the second time Corn had battered his own children. In 1998, he was arrested and convicted in Henderson County, N.C., of beating his 3-month-old daughter.

Good God!! Why was this animal out of prison to father more children????
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