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Bullying Using intimidation to make someone do what you want, or to ruin someone's reputation by lying and deceipt - two examples of the cruelty of bullying.

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Old 12-03-2011, 11:35 PM
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Angry 'No Tolerance Laws'.

This is very close to my family. Our children are literally being tortured in schools today, and if they fight back either physically or verbally then they are disciplined by the schools under our insane 'No Tolerance Laws'.

Ask a teacher to step in and he'll say it's not in his contract to supervise a lunch room or a hall way or even what goes on behind his back in his own classroom. He's not required to let kids into his classroom even 2 seconds early and isn't required to keep order while they're crowded up out there in the hallways bullying each other.

Tell and you're a nark facing even more vicious bullying by kids whose parents think it's "no big deal" or "boys being boys" or "silly girls and their drama". Keep it to yourself, just trying to make it through the day without having to spend half your day in the principal's office just to get your suspension for hitting back the kid that tripped you 3 times or slapped your face at your desk, and it eats away at your heart causing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and severe depression.

It's a no win situation for some kids. No wonder they feel so helpless.
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