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Old 05-02-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by mouse detective View Post
Thinking about who was driving ABC's car that night - can anyone confirm if the Mistress bares any physical resemblance to ABC at all?
No, she doesn't.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by BrisbaneGirl View Post
I cant get over the creepies, just watched it again as my neighbour is over and begged me to show her, now she is hopping around gagging as well pulling faces asking WHY WHY, feel sorry for the neighbours of the creepies, you would be scared to look over your back fence after seeing what goes on in the front garage. You would never invite them to a wedding. Get a room!! Better still, get a "house up for sale" seems heaps of action going on in homes for sale judging by the thread today :-)
Lucky the garage door shut when it did!
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:29 PM
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Apparently the Qld Premier is a Facebook 'friend' of GBC. I'm not sure if that is prudent?
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Originally Posted by Raskolnikov View Post
Lucky the garage door shut when it did!
I agree, any news updates anywhere from the police?
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I don't think the police are watching this forum. We have very few corroborated facts and most of the stuff written is speculation, which is great but the police have to be lead by the facts. Don't get me wrong I really like this site and think it is a great way to try and make sense of a terrible situation.

I'll eat my words if the next entry is from Mr PC Plod.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:37 PM
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Yes we certainly do care, Jendo. I'm sure it's hard for you living so close to where the body was found. It really distresses me to think about Allisons last moments (although I try not to dwell on it). But if GBC's scratches have anything to do with it she must have surely been in a state of terror trying to fight him off, it is just horrific to know that this lovely lady was subjected to such suffering. RIP Allison, I do hope HappyMedium is right and that your memory will live on in a way that helps other women.
Old 05-02-2012, 11:39 PM
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I am here in Adelaide and am intrigued by this case. To those near the police station, please post as soon as you have any information.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by caseclosed View Post
hi everyone,

first post here. My heart goes out to allison’s parents and her little girls!

This case grabbed my attention since the beginning and after reading 47 or so pages, i thought i give my personal views. I do not know the family nor do i live in the area and am not privvy to any insight info. However, in my opinion:

The perpetrator is male, acted alone and knows the area well. I don’t believe the perp had help (after the fact), because as we all know ,“two heads think better than one” and in this case the location where she was found is just too close/familiar to him. If i wanted to dispose of someone and for that person not to be found, i would have certainly headed in a different direction and a lot further away. Imo this is a crime of passion as a result of a dispute that got out of hand and is not premeditated. It could be that the wife mentioned the big “d” word and that was the catalyst for an argument that escalated. Panic set in and this is the result, instead of seeking help (ambulance) immediately and facing the music later.

If i were the spouse (innocent) of someone who had “disappeared”, i would also seek legal advice pretty quickly, as it is a well-known fact that the primary suspect is always the spouse, followed by immediate family. However, it would not cross my mind to engage a barrister at this stage.

The main reasons couples fight is financial or infidelity. Financial problems put enourmos stress on a relationship (even good ones) and the loss of “good standing” in their own community can be very embarrassing, especially for people who consider themselves important in their community. It appears they did have financial difficulties. As for infidelity, although the police have not confirmed this, it could also be a possibility, as reported by posters in several forums.

If my spouse was missing, i would certainly be at the search area command post every single day. I would have sought assistance from my family to mind the children and would be at the search area from dawn to dusk!

I don’t believe both sets of families have a good relationship, as it does not appear that his parents have visited with her parents at any stage since the wife dissappeared.

I believe the car accident was just an accident due to the stress the husband is under. I don’t think he is smart enough to stage an accident to conceal prior injuries.

The media and public have placed so much interest in this case, because the husband, with his actions (or inactions) is making himself look very suss!

The policy always know more than we are lead to believe and they do play psychological "cat and mouse" type games with their “suspects”, hoping the “suspect” will make a mistake and crack under their pressure.

The media (either inadvertendly or not) do slightly change what the police say in their news conferences, hence i would not trust what you read or hear from a reporter, only what comes from qps.
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Originally Posted by Hillsdon View Post
Just some local gossip, gbc was seen at the supermarket the on Friday that he reported her missing.....
If true, doesn't indicate a very concerned husband! Am sure family could have bought the necessities for them while he searched ... not!
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I have to say this case reminds me of the disappearance and later discovery of Corryn Rayney's body in WA. Her body languished for about 10 days before it was found and of course because of her husband's legal standing and connections they were ready to pounce on any statements by the police or media that could commence legal proceedings. I have to admire the way the Queensland Police have been conducting themselves in this matter.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Raskolnikov View Post
I personally don't think the parents are involved. The more people you involve, the more likely that someone will contradict you and the larger amount of forensic evidence. And the more people you ask for help the bigger the risk that someone will tell the police. Just my thoughts on the parents.

I also don't think the infamous 'kiss' is an indication that they are sociopaths. Unfortunately the kiss happened and I wish I hadn't been watching the news that night when they showed it.

I used to believe that too. Then, over a period of many years, I observed a family which seemed to suffer, collectively, from scum genes

Oh, on the surface they were lovely. Friendly, even appearing humble at times. To begin with, I didn't know their history - didn't know that those of middle-age had, in their youth, been proper little monsters - break and enter, drunk driving, bullying, cowardice, etc. etc.

Was only when they became parents themselves to children of the same ilk, that I first observed them. The younger generation members were into drugs, drug-dealing, theft, arson, break and enter, bullying, lying, general trouble-making, etc.

For example, one of the sons was an arsonist (and bully, thief, break and enter, trashing people's lovely homes, etc. etc.) In each instance of arson, for example, HE was the one to phone the fire-brigade. THEN he dashed out heroically to 'save the poor animals' (he'd set fire to a small natural reserve within a nice suburban area. The fire-brigade gave him particular mention in the news reports, saying what an outstanding young lad he was, how the fire could have done much more damage if he hadn't so promptly called the fire-brigade)

After several fires in close proximity to the boy's home (with him first to ring the fire-brigade in each instance) the penny began to drop. Finally, years later, he set fire to a pioneer shack near a golf course. An old tramp was known to live in it some of the time. It was a rural stretch of land. Everyone knew the old man spent a lot of time in the shack. No-one said anything or objected. He did no harm and kept out of sight 90% of the time. By this point, the now mid-teens arsonist was being regarded by those who knew his history, as a danger. He was finally expelled for other 'activities'. Family clustered 'round and installed him in a boarding school. He bullied a kid. That kid took his own life. Don't know if the arsonist played a role, but again he played hero and told everyone how he'd tried to defend the dead boy. Did a sad-face. I wasn't the only one to see the sly half-smile

Then stealing from other boarders became an issue. The boarding school expelled him. Again the family clustered around and the grandmother took him in. In no time, she'd had a stroke and shingles. Couldn't cope with him. On and on. Back to the father. Boy broke into several factory premises. Stole, trashed them. The owners took on the role of security men themselves. Caught him red-handed. Found the bolt-cutters he'd been using to gain access. Up before a magistrate. Father sang a song, hired another barrister/solicitor team. Boy was ordered to do community-service. And guess where he was placed, after the father and family had called in favours, whined, lied and played victim, etc. Yes, the local fire-brigade had him dumped on them because, as the father whined to the magistrate, ' He's always wanted to be a fire-man. Always just wanted to help people'. His stay there didn't last long. He ran away and became a security-guard, lol. Was dumped from there, too, eventually. Last I heard, a couple of guys online were vowing to put him out of his latest line of business. Bad penny. And probably always will be

Meanwhile, the others of this family's younger generation were gaining a name for themselves further up the coast in Queensland. Drug dealing and using, drunken stupidity, car stealing, tantrum throwing and general low-lives. But so much was covered-up by the extended family via bribes, favours and who they knew. And throughout, the middle-aged family members were running respected businesses in several areas in Qld

The older family members were still up to shennanigans of their own, involving insurance-fraud, drunk driving, domestic violence, underpaying or not paying staff, threatening staff, black-balling staff who'd quit, general skullduggery, etc.

Every single time any of these ratbags was in danger of having to face the consequences of their crimes and actions, the entire clan swung into action, including relocation, immediate hiring of solicitors and barristers -- even paying off the night-reporters at court. One of the kids trashed several expensive houses. Even smashed up their cars with crow-bars. Smashed framed family-portraits and treasured momentos. Even relieved themselves on the carpets and beds. More barristers/solicitors. More paying-off night-reporters to keep the kids' names out of it. Blamed other kids, blamed everyone in sight. The usual tactics -- spread the blame, cast blame on those who's parents couldn't afford barristers, solicitors and bribes. Just keep the putrid 'family name' out of it, no matter the cost. Even 'gifted' the local church and school with expensive electrical items in return for the local clergy putting in a good name for them

They're still at it, spread all over the country. Their attitude is one of ' No-one tells ME ! No-one blames ME ! No-one holds ME accountable ! I don't follow rules ... I MAKE the rules !' (heard them say this and laugh countless times, as did others)

They go on about 'the family name'. They live by the motto (and teach it to their kids) ' It's not what you do that matters. What matters is not being caught ! That's all they care about -- being seen to be guilty of something. That's the shame as far as they're concerned and they everything in their power to avoid being 'seen' (i.e., proved) guilty of anything. It enrages their egos when they are caught and exposed. And they do everything in their well-practised power to evade being seen to be guilty of something. They have no conscience whatsoever and believe only suckers and 'lower people', 'stupid people', 'people who don't know anyone important' are those who're caught and brought to justice
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Originally Posted by tiff07 View Post
No, she doesn't.
Tiff07, you've replied a couple of times re. the mistress, however your last description/details of her leads to an innocent bystander who is not the person in question. Therefore, are your answers based on the person you think it is, because it appears you have the wrong person.
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:57 PM
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First time comment. I found it odd that whoever took Allison away from home would travel toward the roundabout then turn right at Moggill. If they had an intent to take her to the Anstead area, I would have thought they would have travelled the back way via Rafting Ground road. The Kenmore roundabout is a busy area, and the direction itself is heading toward highly populated suburbs. Unless, of course, they were racing her to the hospital after they realised what they had done. On another thought, it is highly unlikely that the person that murdered Allison had done this previously. They would not have been thinking rationally, and if GBC is involved the scout area may have been the first area that came to mind. Lots of rumours in the local community (GBC has more than scratches on him), and whilst the information we have all heard seems to point to one person, I think we should be prudent in jumping to conclusions.
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hi i have been avidly reading this thread from the first post. I know of the family through children attending the same school. Its a terrible tragedy - hard to believe that someone you saw the day before she went missing is now gone - I dont know how her kids and parents are coping.

my thinking about this is that ABC knew about the affair. i do not beleive that she went to "confront" anyone - from what i have seen she was quiet and unassuming - pretty much what most people have said.

Given the comments re GBC being a womaniser - do we know there was only one g/f? maybe there are a couple that have been interviewed.

i am not surprised that things came to a head when they did. the brookfield ball a week away, the show coming up, the stress of having to play happy families through all that must have been excessive for all of them.

i think she was killed at home after the fight that has been reported. I dont think the other woman was present because if she knew anything other than being able to provide motive the QPS would have cracked her by now. i think it was a situation that escalated and got out of hand. maybe the other woman called the house and that triggered the fight - who knows? if he was abusive like people have been saying maybe he didnt like the dinner she cooked, could have been anything.

i do think the father is involved at least after the fact. maybe he drove to the parents on route to getting rid of her to tell his dad what he has done and to ask him to go the house to be there in case one of the kids woke up. They are obviously super close - his dad was in the business. the father is obviously also a hard arse weirdo - he has been on GBC like white on rice since this happened - i believe to keep him focused and quiet.

i think the kids are the key to this - as maverick has been intimating from the beginning - one of them at least knows what has happened to her and have told the police something suss on that first morning and the QPS are just trying to get enough evidence to make an arrest.


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Maybe he needed petrol? I always forget to fill my car up and then am madly running late.

Or, he may have originally been heading to Mount Cootha and then decided against it?
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Please continue here:
Found Deceased Australia - Allison Baden-Clay, 43, Brisbane QLD, 19 April 2012 #2 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community


"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." George S. Patton, Jr.
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