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Crimes-Spotlight on Children Discussion related to crimes against children.

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Old 09-29-2011, 09:39 PM
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CA~4th grade teacher, Clark Mahoney Jr. takes plea deal in child porn/molest case

I don't like plea bargains. I rarely think that they serve the victims. It bothers me greatly that in exchange for saving the cost and trouble of a trial AND by giving the excuse that it saves the victims from the trauma of testifying, some victims' charges are dropped. Some victims fail to have their very real pain validated. That's just not OK in my book. Mr. Mahoney was a 4th grade teacher for 10 years and must have had some level of support and respect from his coworkers and students. He was charged with a number of serious crimes but it seems that many of them sort of piddled away in the midst of a plea bargain.


Fontana [CA] teacher found guilty of possessing child porn

"A former elementary school teacher in this city was found guilty this week of possessing child pornography. Jurors returned the guilty verdict Tuesday against Clark Alexander Mahoney Jr. of Loma Linda after about an hour of deliberations..."


"...A teacher at Date Elementary School in Fontana, Mahoney was arrested last year on allegations of inappropriately touching two students. The two female victims, who were nine and 10 years old at the time, made the allegations Jan. 4, 2010 to an employee at the school..."


"...In August, a different jury acquitted Mahoney of two counts of committing lewd acts with a child. That jury deadlocked on three other counts: two misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old and a felony count of possessing child pornography. The two counts of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old were dismissed Sept. 20 as part of plea bargain, court records state. Mahoney was ultimately convicted of the child pornography charge...."

More at link

If I was ever given the task of choosing a screen name for a child porn collector/child "annoyer", it would be Mr. Mahoney's. Priceless. I hope he wasn't forbidden from using the computer as he's been on as recently as this week. I wonder what his bail restrictions were concerning contact with children:

http://www.facebook.com/imaloserdude ("Played catch with the kids" and "...reading a book with my cousin's 7 year old daughter", also attended soccer games for 5 year olds and danced with a 7 year old)

http://www.myspace.com/imaloserdude (blogs and hundreds of photos)

"...What do you hear when you stop talking and listen to others? Everything! I can see why, or maybe I should say HEAR why monks take a vow of silence. That's a difficult thing for a teacher to do..."

And he lied: "Love kids but not for me". Lots of comments by commenters who seem to be students who call him Mr. M. And interesting blog posts of well-written children's short stories. It seems as if each one seems to focus on trapping and control. Just a snippet:

"....He was a gorgeous cat, with jet black hair, and green eyes. A most beautiful creature, feared by all jungle creatures, and very, very sneaky. He could sneak up on unsuspecting critters, often playing with their friends, and attack. They were his to capture, his to play with, and his to eat. Well, he’d just wait for the girls, for he knew that they were going to come this way. They’d been here before, several times, taking the same path each time. And, he’d snuck up on them while they were playing, hidden among the trees, and he’d listened to their secret conversations. Yes, he’d heard them talking about the volcano earlier that day, while they ran about along the side of a hill, up to the top, then down, and around and around, with others joining in the chase, even a blond-haired little tree-climber with very green eyes, just like Clark’s....."

".....Then, darkness, as a door of vines and branches slammed shut behind her. In panic, she turned and grabbed at the door, pushing, pulling, but it was no good. She was trapped! And, nearby was a jaguar, and not just ANY jaguar. It was Clark, the most feared cat in the jungle, dangerous, sneaky, evil. Fear set in, and tears began to pour down her cheeks, as is common among scared little girls. She called out to her dearest friend, “Help! Alicia. The door won’t open. I’m scared. Alicia had no idea how to help her friend. Elisa had no idea how to get out......”

A bit creepy, hmmm?
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