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JonBenet Ramsey What really happened to 6 year old JonBenet? Someone is getting away with murder. All information posted on this site is gained through published documentation on this case. It is strictly opinion only.

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Old 09-03-2006, 02:37 PM
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Helgoth's & JBR's Killer, Inquirer, Labor Day 06

Helgoth's co-worker at, I believe, an auto parts junkyard, John Kenady, talks as much about Helgoth posthumously as Michael Tracey does about his suspects. So why did he wait until after Helgoth's death? So he couldn't contradict him? Did they ever test Kenady's DNA?

On the second page of the Enquirer article, p. 14 & 15, it says police believe Helgoth's secret partner may have suicided him to prevent his own exposure, and the article also mentions a 5 yr old girl who was kidnapped and murdered 5 yrs previously, still unsolved. Anyone know her name? Was that the one found in a duffle bag? I thought that was in Northern Ca., not too far from where the Karrs moved to after Polly Klaas. Can anyone straighten this out? Do we have this other 5-yr old in our Index list? Not Heather Church, right?

The evidence in this case seems to be widely scattered, not just in Boulder. There were also some strange things in Charlevoix, according to someone who lives there who used to post at another forum, and Camper's Boatman phenomenon in Waterford, Mi., near Pontiac where Hoffa disappeared, the walker that the Barnhills saw, the strange car across the street next morning which someone at the following link (I may not be able to find in my stack) said was a hatchback like McSanta's, the notches on his harp, and this other little girl and, a year after JBR, Susannah Chase. Was McSanta one of those called to the scene that morning? S. Stine wasn't one either?

I acknowledge the Rs' behavior was very strange. Don't know if their possibly knowing who "they" were that PR told her sister "killed my baby" would knock them so far off their rockers.

PR did need zoloft, an anti-depressant, after the death, I don't know for how long, and they seemed to need "pit bull" Stine's taking them under her wing, so I'm thinking if one of us actually had that happen to our child we might also not really care whether we were giving correct answers, or remembering ever detail correctly or not. Sure, we'd cooperate from the start. We're that much different from the R's, but the circumstances they may have known that we don't, may have been the deciding factor. There may have been something very unique that we never heard of, they were afraid of or too-floored by.

The bungling, and BPD claiming not to have the phone records remind me of the American assassinations back in the 1960's, some "they" who're that powerful. (Mind you, I'm not using the C word, which some "they" have managed to sort of outlaw with propganda that it's sick just because they say so.) Not saying I have any favorite theory, just reporting on the Inquirer and some thoughts and questions.) As some in other threads have noted, fibers of people who lived there and were close do not prove guilt, or even that it was for sure JR's black shirt. The case doesn't seem that simple.

Since I can't seem to find the hatchback link I saw just yesterday, here's another one, about killers' disorders. http://www.nmre.ca/criminal.htm It says they may have peculiar nutritional profiles. For instance, histamine metabolism, metal metabolism imbalance, pyrrole syndrome, sugar imbalance (hypo-glycemia, low sugar, essential fatty acid deficiencies, cerebral allergies, complex subjects for professionals only. Not saying those disorders are any excuse for anyone. Just that there are lots of facors, identity crises, etc., that can play a part.

There's the possibility that someone felt JonBenet needed to be "humbled", that she was going to be an overachiever and get an amount of attention that wouldn't be fair to other little girls. Nelson Mandela wrote an inspiring article about how "playing small" wouldn't help anyone else, which Tammy Faye quotes at her web site. We're supposed to be all we can be(?) Was Mandella noticing the same negative propaganda that I have been? It's pretty wide-spread.
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Old 09-03-2006, 02:55 PM
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JFK Witnesses Threatened

In one of the books about the JFK assassination in Dallas, it was said that the witnesses were every one threatened that they would be blackened, the women labelled prostitutes and the men drunks, and that it would stick. The author said within a decade most had died. I forget the exact number.

If it was "they", obviously the R's would have been threatened that way too, that they'd never again be able to make a living. As in "Stepford Wives". I'm still not pushing any favorite theory. No idea what really happened.
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