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Caylee Anthony 2 years old Not reported missing for a month after she was last seen.

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Old 07-30-2008, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by CarrieSis View Post
I have a new theory... yes, it is off-the-wall.

Is Casey doing all of this just to hurt her parents? If Cindy was going to bring custody issues and attempt to take Caylee away from her due to her lifestyle/parenting, maybe this is Casey's way of just hurting Cindy as much as she possibly can. "You want to take her away from me? NOW DO YOU SEE HOW THAT FEELS, MOM?!"

Could be the result of foul play, could be that Casey just handed off Caylee to someone she trusted to hide her for awhile.

Maybe it was all made up on the spot because Cindy brought things to a head that night "do you want to play it like that"?

ETA: still does not account for the dog "hits". Big hole in theory :/
Carriesis, I think this is plausible and I can help you fill in the holes. There are two theories here, so I am skipping around a bit when I get to the disappearance of the child. Sorry!

They had parties at her house on a regular basis. The parents were on 'vacation' for a couple of weeks. I do not think that she was allowed access to the house at that time, or that she was not supposed to be there. She seems to be a big partier, so I am willing to bet drugs were involved.

Someone may have died at her house. She may have panicked (or just wanted the drama, which she seems to THRIVE on). She may have tried to bury the friend in the yard because they would not have wanted to report it and get in more trouble. Her boyfriend may have been selling club drugs (most club employees do that) and she did not want him to go down for it or for him supplying the drugs to this person (club drugs like x are an automatic felony and carry a good bit of time). She could have run off because, if this was someone she didn't know (or know well enough for LE to pinpoint her to the crime) she probably could have just disappeared and it looked like she moved off with her child.

They may have gone back later and taken the body (in her trunk) to another location. I think they probably all panicked and were on some sort of drug and weren't thinking clearly, and probably thought that burying the body would be a good idea at the time. They probably realized that it was really stupid when they sobered up though. That would be why the dogs hit in the yard and trunk.

She probably gave the child to someone to care for her while she was disposing of the body. She doesn't seem like the best mom in the world to me, so she may have just handed the child off to anyone that a friend could line up for her. Now she may be using the 'kidnapping' as leverage (remember she is a master manipulator). This would be why she is refusing to talk to police. Maybe in her mind, they will agree not to prosecute her for disposing of a body if she holds out and they really want to know where Caylee is.

Or, she could have given the child away to someone because she already knew she was in trouble and she had every intention of disappearing and meeting them somewhere else at a later time. They wouldn't be able to locate her. Her mom might flip out and go crazy, but it would look like she just left because of all the family drama that seems to go on in that house.

I had a friend like this in High School that was off-the-wall insane. She would lie and make a big deal of everything and we would all find out later that she made up a huge, far-fetched story just to be doing it. I am trying to look at every angle here, although, I really don't think the child is alive, but there is no proof that the decomposition is Caylee, even though the evidence is pretty coincidental.

MY OPINION ONLY. SPECULATION ONLY. Feel free to poke holes in it.
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My2cents, you are certainly thinking outside of the box and trying to figure this out! I think your thought about Casey using her parents' home for parties with drugs is probably very true.

However, the odds of another decomposing body left in the car/yard--with Caylee missing--I think are slim. If Casey had anyone willing to take on Caylee, they would probably be just as flaky, impaired, and morally lacking as Casey in terms of common sense and truth. They would have long ago given up Caylee from the sheer trouble of caring for a young child, or for the "E!" publicity and fame it would bring them.

Sadly, I think that Caylee suffered an accidental death from neglect, but Casey's lack of emotion indicates she doesn't really feel it's her fault. Nothing ever is for this kind of person. She's just looking to save her own self--and Cindy enables, as she probably always has.
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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I came here from another site where there was so much insulting and arguing back and forth that nothing was getting done. How refreshing to find this site where ppl are truly trying to solve this mystery.
Anyway, two thoughts that completely contradict each other but each is plausable IMO.
To answer the question I have always had...Why abandon the car?
Perhaps, after disposing of the child's body near the Amscot she may have had a feeling someone saw her do it. If so her next thought would be "What if they found Caylee and called the police with a description of the car." If she thought this she would want to immediately ditch the car for fear of being pulled over by LE and questioned. Probably thought that she would go back and get the car if this didn't happen but the car got towed first.
Another thought I posted last week before the 911 calls being released was that the body may have been in the car when the gps picked it up. But, after hearing the gm on the 911 call I didn't feel she knew anything. Her emotion was too real. At the same time gp was eerily silent and has been throughout so that led me to believe that he could have picked the car up without gm, found the body in the trunk and disposed of it. The dog hitting on the back yard as well as the car could have just been from him walking around back there after and transferring the chemicals of decomp.
That's only speculation and two of the hundreds of thoughts in my head about this bizarre situation.
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Hi Marina,
Welcome to WS.
I don't think Mr Anthony had anything to do with any of this. jmo
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Originally Posted by Beyond Belief View Post
Hi Marina,
Welcome to WS.
I don't think Mr Anthony had anything to do with any of this. jmo
Thank you Beyond.
Well, I didn't think he did either at first but all that I've heard so far I guess I wouldn't be surprised at any outcome. I would never believe Casey could be so cold while her daughter is gone but she is.
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There are so many possibilities in this sad, sad situation. I have thought alot about the drug dealer connection. Maybe Casey owes her dealer alot of money (if she does drugs?) He took baby Caylee and is keeping her until he gets his money. Casey was in the bars because she was practicing the worlds oldest profession to earn the money to pay the dealer. She is too ashamed and cold-hearted to reach out to anyone for help? I know I am giving her way too much credit here, but darn it I just do not want to think she could hurt that baby.

In all reality I do not believe that beautiful baby is alive. I think Casey did it. I do believe she used Caylee to get back at her mother who was getting fed up with her BS. I don't think she killed her to get back at her mother, I think it was either an accident (left in car, medicated, Casey hung-over/drugged up and forgot to watch her etc...) Which makes me wonder if Casey in fact was a casusal drug user, or an addict of some sort? If a person is a recreational user I would think she would always be with someone if she was actually partaking, which would make me wonder if someone else knows what happened. But if she is a hardcore user and did it while alone with Caylee then she could have taken something and passed out and something happened to Caylee.

She may have intentionally done this so she could have her freedom. I do not know the timeline for sure here, but wasnt she partying like it was 1999 while Amy was away? If my thinking is correct then she probably didnt think she had anything left at that point so she was making the most of it until it all caught up with her and she used Amy's money to do it.

Anyway, sorry if I rambled. I have just been reading so much and the thoughts just keep coming.
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I have a hard time with the "drug dealer" possibility because one would think such a person is certainly not going to want to bother with a 2 yr old unless they passed the child to a family member or something to deal with. Unfortunately with the lies, abandoning the car, smell in car, noone else seeing the child, etc, I tend to believe the child is no longer alive. If she was and someone was truly holding the child, Casey could go ahead and provide info, the FBI and SWAT team could most likely get the child.

The call w/ her brother today AGAIN, he sounds exhausted, etc, she sounds all PERKY doesn't even ask about leads, etc. This case is beyond UNBELIEVEABLE to me, I pray she stays right were she is until she talks..... This is her own fault, all just so terribly upsetting that a mom could put herself before a child If Caylee is gone, I don't feel it was intentional but she is not going anywhere, so she just needs to give the info NOW!

God Bless sweet lil Caylee, prayers that somehow she is still alive and found very soon
"Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible." Anonymous
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I think that Casey may have been high or drunk at the time that she dropped her daughter off and that she did not leave her with the Zenaida Hernendaz Gonzales at the Sawgrass Apartments but the Zenaida Gonzalez that lives less than 9 miles away in Orlando. Just a possibility...or she brutally murdered her own child.
BTW why is it so stinking impossible to get thruogh to the tiplines in this case?
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Hello all, been reading the forum for the last few days and decided to join up. I live in Orlando, where of course it is the top story of every newscast here, and I have become enthralled with the case. Can't get enough of it! I live near several of the involved locations (Amy/Ricardo condo, old folks home area she took the cops to) and could easily do a little investigation work around them if needed.

I also posted this in the Possible Diagnosis thread, but I thought it also applies in the Theories thread here also.

My current opinion is that Casey hid her with someone to keep her from Cindy, possibly as punishment for how Casey was being treated by Cindy (that per Cindy's Myspace blog on July 3, which I'm really surprised none of the news outlets have hit on). I don't think she ever expected it to blow up into the huge national deal it has become, but now that it has she is going to try to take advantage of the situation in order to become a *Celebrity* (In her warped mind at least).

What could now happen is whoever has Caylee may get tired and/or scared becaue of all the press attention and all of a sudden Caylee will be found wandering around a mall or something by herself, and the "Kidnapper" will never be found, resulting in possible vindication of Casey ("See, I wasn't lying!"). Casey will then do her best to turn this into a situation where she becomes a *Celebrity* and tries to make money out of the situation somehow.

She didn't plan the whole thing out this way, but will take advantage of how it has turned out any way that she can.

This would also explain why she is so emotionless so far - she really DOES know where Caylee is, but she wants to milk it as far as she can.

Of course, there is the decomposition dog hits to contend with, but I am hoping that turns out to be something else and Caylee is OK.
We will know soon, one of the news shows here had a forensic detective from Brevard County Sherrif's Office (on the coast, Melbourne) and he said it should take at most 10 business days, plus another 24 hours for another verification of DNA testing. That would put the results coming back on Monday.

Anyway, great forum and I look forward to being able to contribute in some small way!
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My Theory- Casey has always lied to get out of any trouble that she is in and creates a smoke screen of drama to divert attention off what she has done.

The implied ongoing money stealing and being given many chances to change by her mother makes me think there was a plan being played out that took effect on June 16th.

I believe the new boyfriend and wanting to be with him as much as possible before he left on a trip had something to do with her plan and he was unaware thinking Caylee was with a nanny. Perhaps he didn't want children or wasn't really very interested in Casey in the first place. Casey was also being told by her mother that it might be time to move with her child into her own place, have a job, be responsible. Having a child means working hours that don't go along with partying and men much less having money left over after paying child care.

Several different clues and scenarios were set up by Casey to try and place blame on a fictional kidnapper/group who is a threat to the whole family. The stealing a large amount of money, the abandoned car, the lies, etc. are a plan to try and blame a theft and disappearance of a child on someone else. Casey must have thought she was smart enough to pull this off.

Last edited by txsvicki; 07-31-2008 at 06:23 AM. Reason: to consolidate my theory
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I share the feeling of most that dear sweet Caylee is no longer with us (though I hold out hope that we are wrong!) I have a strong feeling this child was the victim of her mother's neglect. Whether Caylee was left in a hot car while her mom was passed out from partying, or whether she got into the swimming pool and drowned while in her mother's care, I do not know, but... I do feel somehow that her demise was unintentional.

If indeed this is the case, it would seem Casey covered the truth and disposed of her child's body simply because she doesn't find fault in her actions...no matter how catastrophic the results. After all, it was an "accident", and in her mind she shouldn't have to face the music. Saving herself from persecution at all costs. Classic sociopathic behavior.

And by listening to those phone call recordings, Casey seems to have sociopathic traits. Does a whole lot of talking and says a bunch of nothing. She's arrogant and incredibly self-involved. One thing that really floored me was when her friend broke down crying on the tape over Caylee. Casey cruely shut her down, telling her that calling and talking to her was a "huge mistake", and again demanded the phone number for the umpteenth time. You'd never know the topic was her missing baby. That alone tells you there are sociopathic tendencies with her. I suppose people like that are most uncomfortable dealing with other people's feelings and emotions.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling now, but that is my theory on the situation. And with all that said, I sincerely hope for that miracle...that we will get to see Caylee alive and well soon.
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My theory (sorry if too long).

To preface my theory I want to start with the fusian dj statement from fox news (bold is mine):

"The co counsel said that she had been working at Fusian on and off for a few months. That's not true. Listen man, I'm Tony's best friend. She wasn't a promo girl. The only reason she was there was because she came with Tony.

Her and Tony didn't meet until May 24th at a party we threw for one of our friends. She didn't start going to Fusian until after that. I was staying at Tony's apartment from the end of May until the end of June while I waited to move into my new place. So I was there when he started dating Casey. The last two weeks of June when Casey was at the apartment Caylee wasn't with her.

She kept telling us she was with the Nanny or her parents acting like nothing was wrong. I talked to investigators as soon as the story broke."

Casey met Toney May 24th at a party. He was everything she wanted; smart, handsome, the center of the party at club fusian, had a job, his own place, had no kids and lived the fast paced glamorous life. Casey wanted this lifestyle more than anything. His best friend was staying at Tony's place until he got his new one. Casey and Toney started to date. In early June there was a barbeque at the pool at Tony's place. Caylee came and she played in the pool with her little plastic dishes. Another resident noticed her and heard her playing and saying, "look at me look at me."

For the next three weeks...from May 24th when she met Tony....until June 16th when she left her mother's home, Casey was spending a lot of time with Tony...at parties, at the club, at beer pong events. The fusian crowd was not cheap to hang out with. She needed more money for club clothes, shoes, drinks, etc...so she charged up her mother's credit card. When the statement came in the mail her mother was livid and took the card back from her. Used to being supported by her mother for everything...including health care, groceries, rent, etc, and sans job, Casey started to seed a deep anger and a desire to get the hell out of this life under the thumb of her mother. The tension built and built and her funds were cut off. She complained to her friends about her controlling mother and talked with Amy about moving out of the house and in with her when she got her new place.

On the 15th, Father's day, there was another confrontation over something that happened on friday or saturday night preceding it... perhaps she was out until two am or didn't come home at all from partying. Her mother brought her out on it yet again and angrily leaves taking Caylee with her to see great grandpa in the nursing home. While grandma is gone, Casey gets more and more angry and more determined to move out and get rid of Caylee so she can live the fun single life with Tony.

That night Casey puts Caylee to bed knowing the next day she was going to leave. She smothers Caylee. She burries Caylee in the backyard wrapped in a piece of clothing as grandma would notice any blankets missing. She locks the door to her bedroom so no one can come in...to find Caylee not there.

The next morning, Casey has some clothes thrown in a bag. She slips up and forgets the small detail of packing Caylee's favorite stuffed animal. She waits until Grandma and Grandpa have left for the day. She puts her stuff in the car and she leaves. She might have taken another credit card or some of those handy credit card checks. She drives to Tony's.

From June 16 until June 27th... (11 days) She drives her the car her parents gave her to use. She called an ex boyfriend about his resignation from the police department. She tries to cover all the bases by concocting lies that answer to why Caylee is not with her and what jobs she has including an event planner for universal studios. She convinces Tony of this so much he thinks she is working from home at his place on his computer. She tells everyone that Caylee is with the nanny or caylee is with her parents. She drives on happy, sweet, bubbly, and on top of the world like nothing is wrong. She makes extra sure to not get her mother's mind worrying so she takes extra care to text and call her every day always at a time like bedtime...so she can explain away why Caylee cannot talk on the phone. She takes care of a possibly worried uncle Lee by myspacing him a lot and meeting up for drinks on June 20th at fusian. Lee meets Tony and really likes him. Lee puts Tony's phone number into his cell. Lee tells Casey how her mother is not pleased with her staying away and to plese come home. Casey gets angry. On 24 June, after everyone is out of the house, Casey goes to the home, and cuts the lock off the shed and steals the gas cans (something she has been accused of doing in the past) for a little angry retribution for being locked out of the shed and not being trusted yet again.

Sometime between June 16 and June 19 (thursday) Casey drives to her home in her 98 pontiac sunfire. She is coming to move the body and get rid of it. She backs into her driveway, in a fashion not normally known of her to park and noticed by an observant neighbor. She goes back to the shed to retreive a shovel to find a new lock on it. She cannot get in! She sees her neighbor out doing yard work and asks to borrow a shovel, saying she has to dig bamboo to protect her daughters feet in her play area. The neighbor says, "sure" and tells her that he/she is going in soon to shower..so to just leave the shovel in their yard when she is done. the minute the neighbor goes in, Casey moves the playhouse, digs out the body wrapped in clothing, and lays the shovel in the sandbox while she carries the body to the trunk of her car. This takes 30 minutes or so. She then goes back, retrieves the shovel and props it in her neighbor's yard. She drives off. She disposes of the body and clothing in a dumpster about 20 mintes away..enough time for some fluids to seep from the clothing into the lining of her trunk. She brushes out all the dirt she can see but leaves a little behind. She drives back to Tony's .

In the short days following the removal of the body, Casey notices that her car really smells and she cannot get rid of the odor! She knows that her previous babysitter story will not fly if anyone smells the inside of her car. By the 27th she knows that the car has to be dealt with so she formulates the story that she went running on the Blanchard park trail, near the Amscott and calls Tony for a ride....telling him that her dad knows the car has broken down and he is in the process of taking care of repairs. That lie took care of the boyfriend but she also had to back~cover her earlier lie that Casey had been with a nanny. She thinks bingo! The nanny kidnapped and killed Casey, ditched her car and fled to NY, NJ, or NC. She leaves behind a dummy purse...to add depth to that lie. Little did Casey know...that businesses tow cars when they sit in parking lots not moving for days on end. Her car was towed on 30 June after amscott employs noted that it had been abandoned there.

On June 28th tony leaves to visit family for a week. Tony's best friend, the dj, moves into his new place. Casey spends her time between her friend Amy's place and Tony's place....communicating with Tony's sister on myspace on how much she misses him and that she has a "dorky" surprise for Tony when he returns on 5 July. A few of those nights she partied and spent the night with Amy. While Amy was enebriated, Casey stole 700 dollars from her friend. The next morning when the money was found missing, Casey makes light of it and says Amy had gotten up in the middle of the night and put it away for her upcoming vacation to Puerto Rico.

On 5 July casey throws a fourth of July party and wraps her otherwise naked body in an American flag. She cooks for everyone...the picture of domestic bliss and a new party life. She stays at Tony's until 8 July.

Now without a car, money or credit cards, Casey decides to take her friend amy up on her offer and stay at her place while she is in Puerto rico from 8-15 July. Amy is going to let her stay there and use her car as well. She has already blown thru the 700 dollars (including a brand new black jack phone purchased with her last couple hundred of Amy's money on 4 July) and looks all over Amy's place while she is there for money or checks. She finds some in the glove compartment and takes some. She writes a check to cash and guts out amy's bank acount of 1000 dollars. The towing company has processed the registered mail and send out a towing notice. The Anthonys note it taped to their door on the weekend of the `11th of July but do not pick up the letter and car until 15 July.

On 15 July Casey picks up Amy from the airport. On the drive home Amy confronts Casey with the 700 dollars Casey had told her she put away for her trip as she had saved it for that trip and when it wasn't there she was broke and plenty pissed. Amy accuses Casey of stealing it and in lieu of her past history with lying rips open the glove compartment to find her checkbook is missing checks as well. Amy is royally pissed and kicks Casey to the curb at Tony's.

A little later on 15 July Amy gets a call from Cindy Anthony asking if she knows where casey is, as she has just picked up the abandoned sunfire. Amy says she does....casey is at Tony's. cindy says she does not know where that is so she goes to pick up Amy. Amy takes her to Tony's and they pick her up. When they get in the car, Grandma asks, "where is Caylee" and why was the car abandoned..and why does it smell like a dead body?...and Casey gives a vague answer. Cindy starts to feel very nervous. Something just is not right. Grandma finds out about the money that Casey took from Amy and they begin to argue about that as well the credit card bills and theft. They drop amy off.

Grandma continues to drive around while trying to get to the bottom of where Casey is and just exactly where this babysitter lives. Casey is ellusive and not worried...saying she is with Zanny and that she is napping and not to wake her. Grandma becomes even more worried and starts listing the multiple thefts, and the neglect of the car and demands that Casey take her to the babysitter. Casey tells her mother, "whatever..do whatever you want".

So grandma heads to the nearest substation. It is closed. Becoming more frustrated she decides she has had quite enough of Casey's behavior and it is time for some tought love and she calls 911. She tells the operator that she has her daugher in the car and wants her arrested for grand theft auto and stealing money. Grandma also mentions that she has an afadavit from her banking acount. The operator tells her that according to her address and where the car was stolen from they will have to go thru orange county sherrif department. Cindy states she will call again from her home and drives Casey home.

Once at home, grandma finds Lee to be there. George had called him earlier stating that he was, "worried about your mother" and to come home as soon as possible. The car was not mentioned. Grandma fills everyone in on what has happened and places another 911 call.

When the 911 operator answers, Cindy calmly says that she is at home and has a person, her daugher, that she wants arrested for stealing a car and for stealing money and requests an officer be sent to her home. Cindy tells the operator that her daughter has been missing for a month and that she has her daughter but not her grandaughter and she wants a deputy out. The operator takes down all the specifics for the call and states an officer will be on the way.

An hour passes and still no cop. Another half hour. Cindy is pacing and becoming increasingly distraught. Lee is talking to Casey and Grandma goes out back for some fresh air. When she walks back in she hears Casey telling lee that Caylee has been missing for 31 days. Grandma becomes hysterical. George was in another room and did not hear this. Grandma picks up the phone to dial but Lee and Casey manage to talk her out of it for 45 minutes. Casey keeps saying she will take them to Caylee in the morning. After a bit of this a very distraught grandmother makes yet a third call to 911.

Cindy places the call, escalated in emotion beyond belief with her voice raising, and full of tears. She tells the 911 operator that she found her daughter's car, it smells of death, and that her grandchild has been missing for 30 days. George walks into the room to see what is wrong with his wife and she tells him (on 911 call 3), "Caylee is missing George! Caylee is missing! Zanny took her a month ago!" The operator takes down more specifics and Casey is put on the line as well. Her voice void of emotion. Succinct. Flat. Casey tells 911 that she had been conducting her own investigaton..which was, "stupid" of her. She tells 911 that she had received a call from Caylee at noon that same day..from a private number. Officer on the way... The rest is history in the making.
This bee my opinion
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"On 5 July casey throws a fourth of July party and wraps her otherwise naked body in an American flag."

Boy that jumped right out at me. I didn't know about that. Actions like that are screaming 'independence'.
I remember when I go my divorce that was my mindset come the fourth of July. Independence Day.
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my theory is this:
It was not Casey's car that was used to transport Caylee.
I think [I do not know what type of car Amy owns] but in light of the use of it by Casey i would imagine that it took a lot of gas and we all know how much gas has been lately.
Anyway, gas costs money, so i think casey liking Amy's hot car was pretending to be rich or better off than she was.
She was showing off with it and did not have Caylee[ belted in] but instead made her ly down in the back seat maybe ?
and when Caylee refused to stay down on the seat or floor casey put her hand over her mouth and nose and squeezed her to the point she passed out and later died?
Casey seems to be explosive...
i say Amy's car is the murder weapon of sorts....
either by heat or by the hand of her mother Casey....

#789UMCO unidentified found The victim was discovered on September 8, 2004 in the Flat Tops, White River National Forest, Garfield County, Colorado
Estimated Date of Death: No longer than 5 years prior to discovery he left a note to "LIB"
PLEASE HELP me find out who this unidentified person is so he can be buried rightfully near his family...

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I do think drugs are involved in some way, but I have doubts that a drug deal, etc, has anything directly to do with her disappearance.

There's a guy on some local forums (in the Tampa area) that works at a convenience store that Casey frequented in Orlando. In June she'd come into the store, sometimes with Caylee and sometimes without. He said Casey's demeanor was absolutely odd and he immediately chalked her up to a "crack addict" because of her glossed-over expression and lack of social skills. He believed she was "not right" from the beginning.

Drug-addled brains can make a lot of connections. I think maybe Casey was bogged down by responsibility, or was finding it hard to connect to Tony or whoever because of her "baggage." Maybe she desperately wanted her lifestyle back, and yet at the same time she was resentful of her mother's relationship with Caylee. She felt like Cindy was trying to steal her daughter, and while she really didn't care from a caregiver standpoint (after all, it made life easier) it made her angry and jealous that something that was hers wasn't really hers in all the definitions of the word.

Maybe she really wanted to move in with Tony, but Caylee was a liability. After all, he is young and probably didn't want a child around--lots of friends and parties, etc. Tony was probably just being logical and responsible, but that didn't compute with Casey. She was being denied something because of Caylee and Caylee had to go.

She couldn't kill her in a violent way--after all, she's a little girl and still her mother, and I want to believe NO ONE can look at their child and commit violence, even if I know that's crap. So she killed her in the way that mothers in these stories usually do. Suffocation, drowining, poison, whatever "passive" way made it easier for Casey to get rid of her child.

She buried Caylee in the backyard and then freaked out. Her parents were planning lots of yardwork (hence the pavers) and she realized Caylee couldn't stay there. Finding the shed locked after the gas can theft (or the keys missing because her parents knew she was a gas thief), she ran over to the neighbors and borrowed the shovel. Dug her up, backed up to the garage, and deposited her in the trunk.

She planned on a long road trip to get Caylee as far away as possible, but the smell was overpowering. The smell and knowledge of what that smell was became overpowering for Casey and instead of driving to the Everglades or to Little Lake Bryan or wherever, she found the closest park she could and threw her down a culvert or into a pond. Pond makes sense because Florida is pretty much flat and you can't count on many natural obstructions to cover something like that up. Alligators don't eat the dead, so her bones would still be there.

Casey can't fathom driving back and she knows the stench is terrible. So she ditches the car at the closest parking lot and hopes it'll air out before it's found. Otherwise, why not just drive back and pretend like nothing ever happened? Or just call, alligator tears and all, the police and report her daughter missing? Because she knew that they'd check stuff like that out. Her only hope was to keep existing and then throw this "private investigation" hat into the ring.

Very long story short, I think her "private investigation" is the biggest clue Caylee is dead. As a mother, I can't imagine keeping this quiet from the police, my mom, whoever. I would NEVER be arrogant enough to pretend that I could find my son on my own after a MONTH. If I believed my sons were in nefarious hands, I couldn't live with the possiblity of what could already be being done to them.

There was a protein sample, dirt, and Caylee's hair in the trunk. So, that would be blood, semen, or what? What else flouresces?

I think LE's silence on the issue and the lack of search has to be the biggest indicator that they have some sort of conclusive evidence. Otherwise, they'd be risking a huge PR disaster and the life of a little girl. I pray that she's alive, but every time I think about a "Caylee is alive!" theory, I go back to the dog hits, that smell, and the protein sample in the trunk.
Old 07-31-2008, 12:34 PM
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For what it's worth...

I think there are a couple of things going on...

I think while Casey loved Caylee very much, Caylee was a "burden" on Casey...at least in Casey's selfcentered way of looking at things. I would think that in the months prior Casey was leaving Caylee with Gma a lot.

Maybe there came a day when Gma wasn't home, Casey was either high/drunk or coming out of it. Caylee was being a bit mouthy as 2 year olds can be...What if Casey made her mad and she said "I love gramma more" or "I dont love you I love gramma" or "gramma is better" and it triggered something...

After Casey snaps and kills Caylee, she panics she takes the body out to the yard and goes to bury it...no shovel...she puts Caylee in the payhouse...gets the shovel and buries Caylee...She does this thinking what would her mother say? Cindy would KILL her if she knew...she was mad enough about the money and the credit cards...

A day or so later, Cindy calls and tells Casey they'll be coming home soon...Casey panics and puts the body in the car,knowing she had to move it so that Cindy wouldn't find it...she calls a friend, (In my mind a male friend who's "smitten" with Casey) he asks where's Caylee...Casey breaks down crying "playing the vicitm" giving him some story about how Caylee got some drugs and died (and since the guy has done drugs with Casey he panics feeling partly responsible) he offers to move the body...

They take the body somewhere and dump it...one of them driving his car so that when they abandon Casey's car, they have a way to go home...

I think Casey was afraid of her mom finding out so she spent time/nights at friends and such to avoid the situation, claiming that Caylee was with her or a babysitter so as to not arouse suspicions.

I think that when Cindy got mad...she simply thought that Casey was using not seeing Caylee as a tool to hurt her over the fights over the money...that's when she called LE...it was only AFTER the call (in which she does not seem anxious which to me fits with a mother using a call to the cops to try to force her daughter into telling her where the grandchild is because she thinkings that Casey is simply leaving Caylee somewhere so that Cindy can't see her.)

After LE is called...Casey fesses up...but now what? LE is already on their way...Cindy either "believes" the story about an "accident" or doesn't care because she can't let her go to jail...so they play up the "left Caylee with the babysitter story" and weave their lies around that. Cindy being the overcontrolling mother, has to control the situation and helps concoct the whole alilbi, being sure to use phone numbers and locations that have no real connection to anyone.

I think this is why Casey plays the victim, in her little mind Caylee either asked for it or if Caylee didn't say X then she wouldn't have hit her...I think she puts responsibility on everyone else but where it belongs, on herself. I believe whether it's a character flaw or mental illness...she sees this horrible event as happening to HER, not Caylee...

It breaks my heart to think that little Caylee is gone. I just hope that one way or another, Casey gets hers...

I may be way off base...but it's only my .02 worth.
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I believe Casey burned the body with the missing gas
Old 07-31-2008, 01:59 PM
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I can't believe that Casey killed her child on purpose. Not because I can't imagine a mother doing this to her child; God knows mothers have done this before and will again.
Casey wouldn't though because Caylee was her bargaining chip with her parents. The grandparents let her get away with anything and basically let her run their lives as long as Caylee was safe and in their care. Casey knew this and wouldn't ever willingly give up this "Ace in the Hole" so to speak. If Caylee died it was an accident IMO; one that Casey thought she could lie and get out of as she always has.
Old 07-31-2008, 04:05 PM
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So, if the ex bf is correct that would put the death/disappearance somewhere between the 24th and probably 28th or 29th...if he's wrong, the death/disappearance could have been the previous week, any time after the 15th.
Old 07-31-2008, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Medea View Post
So, if the ex bf is correct that would put the death/disappearance somewhere between the 24th and probably 28th or 29th...if he's wrong, the death/disappearance could have been the previous week, any time after the 15th.
This is what I am trying to clarify/pin down. Are we sure that both the ex-bf's info is correct, and are we sure Caylee visited the great grandfather on the 15th?

Anyone have an opinion on the most probable date?
Old 07-31-2008, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by housemouse View Post
This is what I am trying to clarify/pin down. Are we sure that both the ex-bf's info is correct, and are we sure Caylee visited the great grandfather on the 15th?

Anyone have an opinion on the most probable date?
I think yes on the 15th, there is video of her.

As far as the 24th...its only the ex bf's word and Casey's word...hard to know how credible...I'd also figure that a woman who was capable of inventing a fake job and fake babysitter is also capable of pretending to discipline her daughter who isn't there...

If she was still alive on the 24th though, then we'd have to figure out WHERE she was from the 15-24th...so far, as far as has been made public, nobody has come forward to say they saw the child or to supply any possible locations for where she was...
Old 07-31-2008, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Medea View Post
I think yes on the 15th, there is video of her.

As far as the 24th...its only the ex bf's word and Casey's word...hard to know how credible...I'd also figure that a woman who was capable of inventing a fake job and fake babysitter is also capable of pretending to discipline her daughter who isn't there...

If she was still alive on the 24th though, then we'd have to figure out WHERE she was from the 15-24th...so far, as far as has been made public, nobody has come forward to say they saw the child or to supply any possible locations for where she was...

I have to agree with you Medea. No one has come forward which leads me to believe that Caylee is not only dead but I think her mother put her somewhere where she won't ever be found. Any freshwater pond/lake with gators ( and yes its horrifying to think about) would completely work. I don't think she went far so I wonder if LE checked any nearby bodies of water to see if there are gators and whether anyone spotted Casey's vehicle nearby.
Old 07-31-2008, 05:15 PM
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I just wish there were some witnesses that saw Casey (other than the partying), between those dates. Someone that isn't a friend or aquaintance.

Perhaps store clerks or someone that saw her (within the 2 days that no one knows where she was), or someone that saw her with Caylee at a store or something.
Old 07-31-2008, 05:17 PM
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I also have a feeling that Caylee may never be found...Casey is sooo calm, even as a sociopath she must know intellectually that she should be exhibiting some type of emotion about her missing 3 year old, but she doesn't sound like it in any calls I've heard....which makes me question whether she is SO SURE the child will never be found she isn't even bothering to fake it.
Old 07-31-2008, 05:19 PM
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I agree that Caylee's body may never be found, and that is why Casey is so aloof about finding Caylee. With the missing gas & burning the body, there will be nothing left of Caylee, right?
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