Websleuths is looking for members to participate in a potential project for TV.

We are looking for sleuths who are passionate and have done a lot of work on a case or cases. Also looking for sleuths who have just graduated from law school, lawyers, and professionals who sleuth cases on Websleuths.

We would love your ideas on cases to cover. It can be a case that has been solved or is still a mystery. We need cases with lots of twists and turns, even red herrings. If you can think of any cases that would be an interesting choice for a tv show please let us know.

I am very excited about this project. As soon as I can, I will tell you more however if you just have to know now then remember I am always open to bribes. Kidding

We need:
*Websleuths members who are dedicated and have worked hard on cases
*Just graduated from law school, lawyers and other professionals who sleuth cases on Websleuths
*Good cases for potential show topics

If you can help us with any of these three things, please email your information to websleuthstv@gmail.com

Tricia Griffith