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    What do you want to personally say to the jurors?

    LLL, ITA! Since the first NG spewed out I turned off my t.v. fully knowing what was to come. I sat down and cried for Caylee Marie. Clearly you did not listen to the testimony, nor the evidence. How could you possibly come up with a verdict in 10 hours time unless you had been discussing the...
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    What questions are still unanswered?

    kathyn2 excellent post! Imo right on target too. In the beginning, very early on I thought she may have killed her accidentally. But now after watching the entire trial and hearing all of the evidence I am certain now more than ever that ICA killed Caylee intentionally. I just hope and pray...
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    2011.07.02- HLN News Shows Discussion - Casey Anthony Trial

    ITA! I tought I was alone with the Sunny H. .....she drives me batty. :banghead:
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    Who believes that Cindy should be prosecuted for perjury? Or is it just me...?

    Yes I do believe very strongly that Cindy Anthony should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I was furious yesterday when I saw Mark Lippman spouting off at the fact that his client stands by her testimony of LIES, ALL LIES regarding the computer searches!!! I think I may have been a...
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    What will be the sentence for ICA?

    ITA! Through out this entire trial, actually over the years we have seen ICA play her games. IMO HHJS recognized it from the get go. I am most certain that HHJBP has been watching, paying close attention to the inmates behavior. There was a photo of him not long ago standing by the door way...
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    Glimpses into Casey's Frame of Mind During Solitude *REVISITED*

    I noticed today after CM was all done shooting for her acquittal and HHJBP denied it ICA let out this huge sigh, immediately put her head down and imo was quite shaken. I think that she is now realizing the reality of it all. Her show and game is over and she was unable to fool anyone any...
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    Does Anybody Believe George Sexually Abused Casey? POLL ADDED

    Sociopaths are also prone to promiscuity, grandiosity, excessive shopping and spending, the whole nine yards! IMHO her story of sexual abuse is just that. Another of her positively, big huge whopper of a lie.
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    2011.07.01 TRIAL Day Thirty-three (Afternoon Session)

    Yes, terrifying! Imo George has now realized what she is fully capable of and put all the dots together. This is why I do not believe that he and CA will nast as a couple beyond this trial.
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    2011.07.01 TRIAL Day Thirty-three (Afternoon Session)

    IMHO the Anthony's should be incredibly greatful they are still alive right now because I have long thought that the inmate had other thoughts or plans.
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    2011.07.01 TRIAL Day Thirty-three (Afternoon Session)

    ODG Please someone make JB stop! He doesn't even know what he is doing........................seriously.
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    When CA is called back to the stand by the prosecution will she plead the 5th?

    ITA! Enough is enough already. IMHO Cindy Anthony needs to be held accountable for her actions. We simply cannot let it go and leave everyone facing emotionally difficult situations that it's okay to commit perjury. Regardless of the fact that her daughter is facing the death penalty it...
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    Let's Hear it for George!

    ITA with all of the terrific posts above! I simply don't believe there was a sexual affair between the two, imho I can see an emotional affair however. It seems to me that this woman sought this man out during his utter grief and confusion. She said it all by selling her story imo. I don't find...
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    2011.07.01 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Three)

    I cannot stand Sunny H.! Sometimes I wonder where she gets some of her thoughts or ideas from and wonder if we were watching the very same trial! Bizarre to say the very least.
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    Has the defense created reasonable doubt?

    Big, huge difference between the O.J. case and this one! First and foremost the O.J. DT was allowed to jury shop and get the exact set of jurors they wanted. Second HHLI allowed the trial to run something akin to a side show circus of freaks! Lastly the O.J. case was during an extremely...