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    GUILTY AL - Kandi Murphy, 30, slain, sister abducted, Bibb County, 20 July 2015

    That town needed a visit from Jack Reacher. Infuriating.
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    Russia Attacks Ukraine - 23 Feb 2022 #3

    My colleague is from Kyiv, she returned from there to Germany on the 22nd. She can't sleep, she can't eat, she's so scared for her family and friends. My company gave her 2 weeks off, paid of course.
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    Russia Attacks Ukraine - 23 Feb 2022 #2

    I'm so scared for the Ukrainians, how far will Putin go? If Russia goes all out Ukraine can't win. Germany kinda is in a state of shock but everyone is united behind Ukraine.
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    IA IA - Lee Rotatori, 32, Council Bluffs, 24 June 1982

    Great. Interesting case.
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    PA - Christina Spicuzza, 38, fatally shot driving Uber, Monroeville, Jan 2022 *arrest*

    Horrible. Is Uber video stored in a cloud or is the footage gone now that the camera was taken?
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    FL - Sara Morales, 35, shot dead by motorcyclist she hit with car, Orange City, 20 Nov 2021

    So what happens now? Is there still an investigation going to determine if there will be charges, are her family pressuring?
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    FL - Sara Morales, 35, shot dead by motorcyclist she hit with car, Orange City, 20 Nov 2021

    For some reason people are willing to give her the the benefit of the doubt and conveniently fill in a narrative that has not been officially established but won't do the same for the other three people.
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    CANADA Canada - Elnaz Hajtamiri, 37, Abducted following home invasion, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, 12 Jan 2022

    Iranian Agents Are Facing Charges For Their Role In A Plot To Kidnap A U.S. Journalist Wonder if she was a dissident as well.
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    Found Deceased TX - Marisela Botello, 23, visiting Dallas from Seattle, 5 Oct 2020 *arrest*

    I am angry, can't imagine how her family and friends are feeling.
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    PA - Parents charged w/abusing five adopted children; Graphic punishments; Annville; 13 Jan 2021

    Or at least if parents get money then you have to regularly check on the children at least 4 times a year. I really don't understand why communities have no problem giving police huge budgets but are not willing to spend more on children welfare services.
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    GUILTY NM - Victoria Martens, 10, brutally murdered, Albuquerque, 23 Aug 2016 *Arrests* *2 guilty*

    What did happen to the cops who fed a mentally challenged woman horrific and disgusting fantasies they'd imagined as happening to the child, and coerced the mother into falsely confessing to?
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    GUILTY NY - Twenty Fatality Traffic Crash, Schoharie County, 6 Oct 2018 #2

    Crazy if you compare it to the case of the truck driver who got a 110-year sentence.
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    CONVICTION OVERTURNED NJ - Timothy Wiltsey, 5, murdered, Sayreville, 25 May 1991 *Released 2021*

    I do believe she had something to do with his death abut I also agree that they couldn't prove it.