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    OH OH - Frida Hornberger, 9, August 1921

    Just discovered this girl is my husband’s great aunt. We had no idea about this family history.
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    GUILTY FL - Chance Walsh, 7 wks, North Port, 7 Oct 2015 #2

    So strange to look at these photos. She was a very pretty woman, once, and looked happy to hold her baby. He looks strung out for a while, but just so bizarre that their beautiful little boy is now dead, not even by neglect, but active fury and vicious abuse. Let me join the chorus here- I hope...
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    GUILTY FL - Chance Walsh, 7 wks, North Port, 7 Oct 2015 #2

    Forgive me if this has been brought up- around here, the opiate addiction rate is so high that all moms are drug tested when they come to the hospital to have their baby. If they refuse the baby is tested. Would this policy have at least gotten Chance back into the CPS system? I so wish it was a...
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    Identified! IL - Chicago, Body parts of 2-3yo AA child, Sep'15 - Kyrian Knox

    I am hoping this child's body was weighted and thus the decomp made the body parts come loose instead of the more sinister reason these pieces would be found. Not that it makes much difference. RIP sweet baby.
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    CA CA - Ember Graham, 7 mos, Happy Valley, 2 July 2015 - #2

    Could cannabis oil kill a 7 mos old? I know there are lots of people using it to treat seizures in kids, so I can totally see a dad who is already familiar with the product trying it, but is it really possible that an accidental death would occur?
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    GUILTY OR - MaryJane Longo, 34, & 3 children murdered, Newport, 16 Dec 2001

    I had never heard of this story until I watched the trailer and had to google. My eyes were bugging out of my head, I'm sure. Then had to come right to websleuths to see if anything about this case was here. This guy, Christian. Wow. His psychopathy sends shivers down my spine. And turns my...
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    GA - Suspicion over heat death of Cooper, 22 mo., Cobb County, June 2014, #1

    Not to be cruel, but how long does it take with what we know about temps that day? Would the child have likely been passed at lunchtime when he got in the car again? Because the crime is so heinous, no matter what...but if that child was alive when he went to the car....
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    GUILTY OH - Barb Williams for child abuse, Hancock County, 2014

    And can I just add one more thing? This kid, in this moment captured in time, was doing NONE of those things. We *might* be able to surmise, based on the situation, that he was wandering. He *may* have left the room without permission. Beyond that, we just really don't know what the issue was...
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    GUILTY OH - Barb Williams for child abuse, Hancock County, 2014

    Yeaaaaaahhhhh, but no. I posted a long while back in this thread. My husband is a teacher. He suffers the same issues you have shared, of course. And they are extremely concerning and problematic. I am an RN in a hospital setting. We share some of those same concerns. But if I was tending to...
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    GUILTY OH - Barb Williams for child abuse, Hancock County, 2014

    I showed my husband this video. He is a teacher and has been for a long time, in a very rough school district. His opinion? NO MATTER WHAT, no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances were between this child and teacher....she should not have laid a finger on this child or said the things...
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    Peaches Geldof 25 found dead

    With the inquest news, I have changed my mind. I think unfortunately Peaches was just using, like most addicts, without regard to the safety of her child present, thinking that this wouldn't be the time she od'd. I wonder if the police statement was misleading intentionally, that no drugs were...
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    Peaches Geldof 25 found dead

    I am heartbroken by this. Truely just tragic. "Every junkies like a setting sun". I wonder if this is going to be a criminal case? Looks to me like maybe she used with somone, who maybe she thought would stay sober and watch her child? Then when it was obvious she had od'd, that person took...
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    Malaysia airlines plane may have crashed 239 people on board #2

    If the military radar report is correct, sounds more and more like something happened with/to the pilot and co pilot
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    *Arrest* Holly Bobo investigation- TBI press conference 5 March 2014

    I've kinda wondered if the break in Zach refered to on his fb was a successful attempt by someone to collect whatever evidence Zach had kept from the murder and turned it in to the police as revenge for something. Their certainty that Holly is not with us could mean that evidence included some...
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    GUILTY WI - Kayden Powell, 4 days, Beloit, 6 Feb 2014

    Right, so the missing child's aunt, either by marriage or blood. (if she is telling the truth about who she is) I watched the interview with Brianna's mom, and she talks about this woman, says the woman 'says' she is Brianna's sister but grandma 'doesn't know this girl at all'. Hoping this is a...