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    Forensic Astrology - MORGAN HARRINGTON, missing @concert 10/17/09 Charlottesville,VA

    I know that some groups of young people will have an appointed designated driver who's not drinking. Maybe the person who had her keys was the designated driver, and she wasn't in the condition to drive herself anywhere? The thing that puzzles me is that she was going to 'get a ride' somewhere...
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    Forensic Astrology - LINDSEY BAUM missing McCleary,WA 6/26/09 #1

    SNIPPED FROM THE FORENSIC ASTROLOGY BLOGSPOT ON ANOTHER SITE:"Baum said she last saw her daughter when Lindsey, along with her 12-year-old brother, Josh, headed out to Lindsey's friend's house in hopes she could get permission to spend the night at the Baum's house. Baum said her children...
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    Forensic Astrology - CAYLEE ANTHONY Reported Missing 7/15/2008: #11

    Thanks Ladies -- I've missed you too! I haven't really been MIA -- just undercover he he he...or actually COVERED. I read here almost daily and post the 'thanks' on posts, but have been really busy and haven't had much time to post. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a lil more. You guys are...
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    Forensic Astrology - CAYLEE ANTHONY Reported Missing 7/15/2008: #11

    Do you think maybe they filed it to make the sidebar transcript public information? If so I wonder if it's going to be released to the public as well under the Sunshine Law. :clap: (Bet that would make for an interesting read)
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    Forensic Astrology - STACY Peterson-KATHLEEN Savio

    OMG Merc where have you been? It's so wonderful to see you again! :) We missed you! :blowkiss:
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    Forensic Astrology - VICTORIA (Tori) STAFFORD - Canada

    This is from the arrest article, and is from someone who knows M. Rafferty. According to the friend, this post was made on his Facebook the day Victoria went missing. "At 10:01 a.m. he wrote 'Everything good is coming my way'," she said. Do you suppose a chart on this timed event could...
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    Forensic Astrology - CASE REQUESTS only - #1

    Just bumping this so it doesn't get lost. Thanks very much.
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    Forensic Astrology - BRITTANEE M. DREXEL, missing 4/25/09 Myrtle Beach

    I wonder if LE has searched the hotel room the boys were occupying? The fact they left in the middle of the night is really odd to me. Who leaves Spring Break in the middle of the night when there's one ounce of fun to be left behind? There had to be a reason they left when they did...
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    Astrology - MUNDANE (World Affairs & Events)

    Soul -- what if the 'lie' or 'hidden information' is on the other side of the fence? Perhaps the actual number of cases is being hidden from the public to avoid mass panic. I hardly think that they'd shut down the entire country of Mexico for the number of cases they've reported...
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    Forensic Astrology - Haliegh Cummings #3

    Both Amber and NayNay's DOB are in the article posted above. Also, it mentions the happenings the weekend before Haleigh was abducted. NayNay introduced Misty to Greg for a weekend of sex and drugs according to the article. Housemouse had mentioned that she believed that previous weekend...
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    Forensic Astrology - VICTORIA (Tori) STAFFORD - Canada

    Hi Turbo. Thanks very much for the offer! I think they're looking for the mother, Tara's DOB (and place), if you can find that.
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    Forensic Astrology - VICTORIA (Tori) STAFFORD - Canada

    Oooh VERY good point Lovejac!! Oh and it's awesome to see you around again. We missed ya. :blowkiss
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    Forensic Astrology - Haliegh Cummings #3

    I have to say that is a VERY fascinating article!! Thanks for finding and sharing it butterfly. Since bodies have been located in the Caylee and Sandra cases, I wonder how that technique would play out with those cases?
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    Forensic Astrology - Sandra Cantu

    I have to respectfully disagree with the 2/23 date -- please look at the report info at the link below. The person we are looking for is M CHANTEL H -- not M SUZANNE H. Maybe the media got the 28 yo M Suzanne's age and rolled with it. It's happened before. :) I believe that 7/23/81 (Age...
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    Forensic Astrology - Sandra Cantu

    I think this is the right information for MLH (BL, CLL, and ConnieL relatives shown). There was another MSH in Tracy, but the age was 28 yo and the relatives/associates weren't right. LAWLESS, M  CHANTEL Age: 27 Birth Date: 07/23/1981 Associated names: HUCKABY, M