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    FL FL - Amy Billig, 17, Coconut Grove, 5 March 1974

    That is interesting. Which families?
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    Sweden - Deadly Plane Crash - Storsandskar Island - Sunday, 14 July 2019

    Yep. As a Swede I know ;) Horrible accident. They are not sure if they ever will find out the cause because this type of plane doesn’t carry a black box. Nine people killed. Tragic.
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    Sweden - Deadly Plane Crash - Storsandskar Island - Sunday, 14 July 2019

    Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries.
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    Sweden - Deadly Plane Crash - Storsandskar Island - Sunday, 14 July 2019

    Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries. Please correct the name of this thread - thanks!
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    CO CO - Andy Joe Lepley, 18, Crow Junction, 30 May 1976

    In the information from Charley Project it says: How is this clear? What did I miss?
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    MI MI - Jasmine Moody, 18, Detroit, 4 December 2014

    Let’s play the devils advocate and say that Jasmine left just as the mother and daughter described it. I agree, it seems unlikely but let us just give it a try. - did she know anyone else in the area that she could have gone to? I know she didn’t have her phone or tablet with her so who could...
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    OH OH - John Koziatek, 21, Cincinnati, 8 Aug 1979

    Hi roman! Did you ever find out more information regarding the disappearance?
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    Found Deceased SD - Alicia Hummel, 29, found near boat ramp, Myron Grove / Meckling, 1 Jun 2015

    I really don’t see the connection between the cases mentioned above. The murders took place with several years between them, the victims were of different ages, and the distances between the murders were large. The only thin that is in common is that the victims are female and that the murders...
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    MD MD - Crownsville, 3 Males, UP2335, UP2336, UP4835, @state hospital, 1967 & 1972

    I have no knowledge of how the mentally ill were treated in the US - undoubtably the non whites were subjected to much worse treatment than the whites. However, the mentally ill have always been a group that has been very vulnerable to abuse no matter which race you belonged to. Here in Sweden...
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    Netflix: Murder Mountain

    I binge watched all the episodes. My first reaction was what a beautiful area! Mountains, forests, streams... And then they showed the devastation brought on by humans. I have no sympathy for vigilante justice but I can understand the frustration felt by the locals when they knew who committed...
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    AL AL - J.B. Beasley, 17, & Tracie Hawlett, 17, Ozark, 31 July 1999 #3

    I have read almost the whole thread tonight and my brain is now full of information that I have to process for a while. A question- where did the poster Thinblueline go? Tbl is not a member anymore it seems.
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    CANADA Canada - Elizabeth Bain, 22, Scarborough, Ont, 19 June 1990 #2

    I have been reading this thread and wonder what happened to JohnPaul? He is no longer a member. Does anyone know?
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    CA CA - Johnnie Herrera, 20, Oxnard, 27 Aug 1971

    Read the whole thread now. Wow, Bobby, you have put in so much work on this - it is amazing! Regarding contacting relatives - I do understand that you hesitate in doing this but I still think it would be a good idea. Write a letter, not an email, and explain your commitment to finding out what...
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    PA PA - William Alfred Higgins, 35, Allegheny Cty, Mar-April 1969

    Did the marriage between Bill’s wife and the neighbor last? You wrote they hat two children.
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    Found Deceased UK - Anthony Parsons, 63, Argyll, Scotland, 29 Sept 2017 *Arrests*

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk