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    Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery #8

    My husband died on 04/24/14. He was 27 and brain dead. It was cruel to watch him hooked up to machines and just a lifeless shell. It broke my heart in a thousand pieces.
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    9 Year Old Begs to go Home

    oh even better. I'm sorry. I have no allegiance to bio parents. I am one of those kids. Dad in and out of jail with 5 different kids by god knows how many baby mommas. You wanna know what I wanted? Peace, stability, love. Thank god my grandmother had all of that. I shudder at the thought of...
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    GUILTY OH - Barb Williams for child abuse, Hancock County, 2014

    He is a child!!! Not a buding serial killer. I swear. He is still a kid. I'm still bigger than a 6 year old. So I guess behavioral issues equal somehow he deserved it? Short skirt=rape too I guess....I'm done. Thanks blue22
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    GUILTY OH - Barb Williams for child abuse, Hancock County, 2014

    OK I must have landed in bizarro land again.... I wont say much cause I'm angry but if this was a parent doing that to thier own kid. You better believe that parent would be outta line. My mom would shoot me dead and I'm 38 if I snatched my 4 year old up like that. WTH. He is...
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    GUILTY OH - Elaina Steinfurth, 17 months, Toledo, 2 Jun 2013 - #7

    UGH....Just...Ive been reading on here and trying to sit on my hands. Im sorry to FM and all of the other verified insiders to poor sweet elaina's demise. As a mother my job is first to protect my child.Period. No excuses or whatever. Not if I want to shack up with There are...
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    FL- Girl 12, found dead at abandoned cement plant

    I agree. I dreaded coming here cause I know I gotta sit on my hands. Rebecca weak? Nah, she was just human. God help all of us that need someone, but dont have anyone. Maybe natural selection will weed us out like we are vermin. People wonder why people become cold, distant and unfeeling. Try...
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    9 year old flies from MN to Las Vegas with NO ticket

    ooooh K, so what does that mean? The parents didnt agree to what?? This is sooo hinky.
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    NC - Dorian Harper & Wanda Larson for abuse of foster child, Monroe, 2013

    Come on tlcya.... This is a crazy crazy story. I thought I've heard it all. A dead chicken around the neck???? The home isn't fit for a dying dog much less a human. Get those kids and animals outta there!!!
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    NM - Cop Fires at Mini Van Full of Kids After Traffic Stop

    I hate to say this but if she was thinking about her children and following the law instead of running away none of this would have happened!!
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    GUILTY MI - Renisha McBride, 19, shot while trying to get help, Detroit, Nov 2013

    I'm with you, but after the case in north carolina I dunno. I would really like to know your real thoughts on this case tlcya.
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    NM Extreme Police Abuse: Traffic stop leads to forced enemas, probing and colonoscopy

    ok i thought i had read this wrong. what in the world!!
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    Bullying in the NFL - Jonathan Martin (Miami Dolphins)

    Yeah! Someone posted this. I've been following since the beginning!
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    GUILTY CA - Gerardo Hernandez, 39, TSA agent, killed, 3 injured in LAX shooting, 1 Nov 2013

    I am very familiar with Alex Jones and his websites and radio show. is a site I go to. Not that I believe everything that is written there, but it's interesting. I think the shooter was just mentally ill and possibly isolated in his own head. If you are trying to take down or expose...
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    GUILTY NH - AH, 14, North Conway, 9 October 2013 - # 5

    I dunno about this one...I just get burned out on no news and then sadness just like Hailey Dunn and Holly Bobo. I followed those since day one and no closure. I get so frustrated. I'm now scared of Maine and MA!! Yikes. I seriously thought all creeps hung around the small towns in the south...
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    FL- Girl 12, found dead at abandoned cement plant

    Doctor WHO!!!!!!!! Anyways, I feel that I try to remove the emotion from this equation. IMO regardless of what Rebecca's home life was she didnt deserved to be ganged up on if it was just 2 or 15 people. It's just not fair. My whole point has always been that pre-teens and teens...