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    Verdict Watch 05/07/2013

    I so agree, but I'm very nervous, they are taking too long, five minutes should of been enough time. :(
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    How long will the JA jury deliberate?

    IF it takes them more than five minutes, there is a problem. :)
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    How long will the JA jury deliberate?

    I believe I remember when the defense for the hundredth time asked for a mistrail on grounds of misconduct by Juan Martinez, that JM asked the judge to instruct the defendent to stop tweeting to the public. Does anyone know if the judge did put a gag rule on the gagger (Jodi)? Or maybe the...
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    Armchair Psych discussion of Jodi Arias

    I believe that Jodi will kill again if she gets out.
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    What did you think of the State's cross examination of Arias?

    So True, it seems at times that Travis is being left out of this. She's a monster and slaughtered was he was alive, at least when animals are slauther (cut up) for food they are killed first. She's pure evil, I hope the jury gets that. She not only premidated his murder but planned it for...
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    Kanye and Kim Expecting....

    Or is this Kim's way of getting what she wants via settlement to divorce quicker? I'll stick you with child support if you don't settle up? Mess is right and they are playing with a child's life here. All to be on the internet for the child to read one day. Cali is a no fault state, it takes...
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    Kanye and Kim Expecting....

    According to a news report the baby will NOT be allowed on the family show. Now how is that going to work? LOL
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    Kanye and Kim Expecting....

    Yep, that's the law in Cali, she better quit fighting over that rock and get divorced :)
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    The VERDICT! He's....GUILTY!!!

    I just hate this, I'm in Idaho and Watching in Session, they must be pretaped as they are still showing the Hemy Neuman trail and we know he was convicted Why oh why are they behind? Ugh
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    Drew Peterson's Trial *FIFTH WEEK* part one

    He's a sociopath, I believe he more than has the guts, believes as he has along that he can convince anyone of his innocence, because I don't think he thinks he did anything wrong. But I dought that his attorney's want him on the stand. They probably said from the beginning, we'll take the...
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    Drew Peterson's Trial *FIFTH WEEK* part one

    The one slimy defense attorney and his wife dress alike every day. My fear is the jury is doing the same to show the defense their support :(
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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing

    I think she might of thought it would help her career, his power in Hollywood type thing, plus I'm sure there was plenty of money. All other wives have since had bio children after divorcing him. I say DNA test
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    GUILTY NC - Kathleen Peterson, 48, found dead in her Durham home, 9 Dec 2001

    Never fear NG was there first go round and she' son it as I type. They can't explain the blood in his shorts unless the owl was in his pants.
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    CA - Natalie Wood, 43, drowned off California coast, 29 Nov 1981

    I too remember this story very well and the life o Natlie Wood and RJ and Natalie's younger sister Lana. It wouldn't surprise me if Lana isn't in on this as well. She was always in her sister's shadow, they didn't have the best of friendship for many years, hence why RJ didn't allow the girls to...