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    Reports of alleged Casey Anthony video diary surface on Internet

    Oh it's her, it's been confirmed. And I totally agree. Serious meds.
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    I'm only 5ft tall and 10lbs on me is like 25 on someone else. Just a little weight looks like a lot. I can honestly say that yes, she could pack on this much weight in 2-3 weeks. Been there, done that, failed the diet.
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    2011.07.07 Release Date Announced: Casey Will Be Released Wed. 7/13 or is it 7/17?

    I know, we're a pretty stable bunch here at WS. Have you seen some of the protesters? They're out for blood. I predict she'll be taken care of within a month of release.
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    2011.07.07 Release Date Announced: Casey Will Be Released Wed. 7/13 or is it 7/17?

    She's not screwed, she's going to rake it in with the book, movie, tv deals, interviews and the rumored reality show. That is, unless the entire country gets serious about this boycott.
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    2011.07.07 Lightening Strikes Tree @ Suburban Dr. Remains Site Memorial

    Wonder what the jurors would say to this? Oh forget it, they won't pay attention to this long enough to render an opinion.
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    What do you want to personally say to the jurors?

    You know that champagne toast the DT had across the street from the courthouse? Yeah, they were laughing their tooshies off at how gullible you 12 are.
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    Defense Team's Horrible Display Celebrating

    Celebrating in public like that was like dancing on Caylee's grave.
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    Look Out Houston, Texas - Here Comes ICA?

    This has to be a lie, because she's not even speaking to her parents, much less getting invites from random relatives to relocate. Nope, not buying. No way Jose.
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    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    I'm from Pinellas County and I'm sickened, just speechless. HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW?????
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    That day she went to that holding cell and returned, waving her hands in the air? It was the Saturday the DT asked for shrinks to look at her, about a week ago. She has had 2 guards by her side in court ever since.
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    I saw that too! It's one thing to shake your head at someone else's comments, but her very own voice? Crazy!