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    GUILTY SC - Nicole Goodlett, 28, Spartanburg, 20 Feb 2014 *Arrest*

    Stunning girl. Any updates? Usually when you take off for a few days you don't consider medication or anything else - I hope in this case it's antidepressants where there is a few days before withdrawals kick in. Jmo.
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    CA CA - Susan Jacobson, 59, Sun City/Roseville, 2 May 2013 - #2

    Amazing post!!! I have been off WS for months and am shocked there has been no developments. So sad her son is no longer posting. If he is reading, I sincerely hope he reinserts himself into the discussion. Hope you are well Treelights.
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    Chris Brown arrested for FELONY ASSAULT

    Agreed. Keep him on jail for 6 months at least. On suicide watch if need be, but please keep him in there.
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    L'Wren Scott designer and Mick Jagger's girlfriend found dead suicide

    Exactly. So that's why the media and others should not speculate. No one knows anything at this stage, they are clutching at any information they dig up. At 49 she could have endured something or things the media were never privy to. It is selfish in some eyes to msg the assistant but never...
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    L'Wren Scott designer and Mick Jagger's girlfriend found dead suicide

    Very very sad. Depression does not discriminate - fame, fortune nor good looks are never a deterrent. It is a very serious illness that doesn't escape those who seem to have it all. Very sad & hits close to home to me. RIP Ms Scott. :(
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    AZ AZ - Adrienne Salinas, 19, Tempe, 15 Jun 2013 - #8

    I agree. Very very sad. I haven't checked in a few times for an update and am shocked there are none. Such a waste of a precious life :(
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    GUILTY NY - Qiao Zhen Li, 37, & her 4 children murdered, Brooklyn, 27 Oct 2013

    Combined with a severe psychotic episode and you have a recipe for a violent blood bath. These stories make me feel sick in my stomach, this particular story brings me back to the Krim family who lost their 2 children after their Nanny alleagedly stabbed them to death in NYC, eerily, almost...
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    Australia - NSW - Worst bushfire days in years.

    If we can learn anything from the Black Saturday Fires, it is to evacuate on the FIRST warning. Your chances of survival are significantly diminished if you choose to stay behind and protect your home. People often believe they have more time than they do and become trapped, the temperament of...
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    Australia - NSW - Worst bushfire days in years.

    Also, I've never seen the sky so murky and red in my life. It was incredible, the air was so thick. I live out of harm's way and the smell of smoke is drifting into my house. I couldn't imagine being in the midst of it! :(
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    Australia - NSW - Worst bushfire days in years.

    Figtree, I've been thinking about you all day! I am so relieved to hear you are safe, I was going to email you to check on you! Keep us posted please & be safe :) Have been watching the news coverage all night, very sad. I'm getting eerie flashbacks to the Black Saturday Fires. I will pray no...
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    Found Deceased Australia - Gary Tweddle, 23, Blue Mountains NSW, 16 July 2013 - #3

    I have been off WS for a few months for personal reasons. I assumed drugs were involved. I haven't had a chance to read every post. The authorities choose not to release the drug deal information because they had obviously interviewed the dealer. I really don't think the dealer is involved in...
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    GUILTY OH - Elaina Steinfurth, 17 months, Toledo, 2 Jun 2013 - #6

    Agreed. When all is said and done, nothing will change the fact a beautiful young baby girl is dead and she will never get an opportunity to live her future, her dreams, her own adventures and have her chance to experience an amazing life that she truly deserved. It's beyond heinous, shocking...
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    Ariel Castro: Convicted Cleveland kidnapper/rapist found dead in cell

    He is a coward. Thinking of all his victim and their families. And also thinking of his family who had no involvement and were good people. I am not in the slightest surprised, I didn't believe he would cope in prison once caught and convicted of his heinous crimes. JMO
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    Found Deceased CA - Jennifer Evert, 34, Crescent City, 21 May 2013

    Very well said. Thank you for coming back to write to us, Sgt.