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    Found Deceased OK - Tara Strozier, adult, from Fort Smith, Cameron, 17 July 2021 *arrest*

    There are wild rumours flying about this case. The latest I have heard was she was murdered due to some transaction gone bad with the Aryan Brotherhood. Of course, these are all just speculation and hearsay. What is fact, the men who did this are monsters! My heart aches for her family.
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    OK OK - Barbara 'Barbie' Stewart, 57, Roland, 4 Aug 2017

    Barbie's family is from Jonesboro, AR. The last credible report of her alive was in Van Buren, AR. Her clothing was found in Alma, AR which borders Van Buren. Any one heard anything new?
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    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    I don't think they can do anything. Double jeopardy?? Right?
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    If acquitted, where will ICA live??

    If ICA beats the rap... where will she live??? I can't imagine her parents wanting her back home in their house. I bet George would be especially unhappy about it. I doubt anyone who knows her would give her a second thought. (I can't blame them either!!!) :waitasec:
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    Caylee Anthony Drowned In Family Pool Theory

    I was thinking about the internet searches.... maybe they will say Casey was looking for ways to kill her 'molester.' I guess that could be used as a explanation for those searches. But, I still think that's crap, especially since so much chloroform was found in the trunk.
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    George and Krystal Holloway/River Cruz *MERGED*

    I can't decide what to believe from her.....
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    George and Krystal Holloway/River Cruz *MERGED*

    I took some time off from this case. I thought I probably just missed this.... I'll have to do some reading. :-)
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    George and Krystal Holloway/River Cruz *MERGED*

    So, what's the deal with George's mistress??? Is this something we know to be true?? Or is it some kind of weirdo trying to insert herself into this trial?? Anyone have any ideas???
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    The Roy Kronk Connection- Opening Statements-Kronk takes the stand 2011.06.28

    Thanks you guys! I thought I just missed something important. That Baez has got some nerve!
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    The Roy Kronk Connection- Opening Statements-Kronk takes the stand 2011.06.28

    I think I missed a critical piece of information today. How did the meter reader get Caylee's body???? (I had to take a shower sometime today. I was glued to the tv!) :waitasec:
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    Marc Klaas Wants To Know What You Think. Please Participate

    Ok, here goes: -I believe that KC killed Caylee to garner sympathy and attention. (possible monetary gain) -I think it was premeditated MONTHS, maybe YEARS in advance. (the web searches of missing children did it for me!) -KC has narcissistic personality disorder, and possibly is...
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    Baez Tries to Sneak Bracelet to Casey

    I have noticed her hair has been looking pretty long. It's such a crime that she can't get mani/pedis, tattoos, and hairstyles in the pokey. :crazy:
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    Gas Cans discovered by George Key date - June 24, 2008 ***REVISITED ***

    If GA is like my hubby...he probably has a gas can with gas in it at all times. Still seems weird, tho.
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    If You Could Ask ONE Question and Get ONE Truthful Answer, What Would it Be?

    I'd ask her "Did you really think you were gonna get away with it!!??" Grr the gall of KC! It just goes all over me!