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    Plaid hat girl with dark hair and wild eye makeup

    That's sixties makeup! I was supposed to look like that. Check out Twiggy for example.
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    Plaid hat girl with dark hair and wild eye makeup

    This his Manhatten apartment.
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    Blonde girl in two piece yellow swim suit

    My problem is her eye doesn't reflect any light. And yes you can prop up a dead person who has full rigor mortis.
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    CA CA - Long Beach, WhtFem 700UFCA, 20-28, on beach, faux fur coat, May'74

    No doubt our Jane is Hispanic. Just look at her post mortem pics.
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    CA CA - Placer Co., WhtFem UP17572, 18-27, found in the area of Colfax and Iowa Hill Road, Oct'80

    Hey, did you call it in? I think that might be very well the same person!
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    CA CA - Lisa Smith, 17, Santa Rose, March 16th 1972

    The pictured girl, is she Lisa Michelle Smith or Lisa Smith? Where did the photo come from?
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    CA CA - Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders, 7 girls/young women, 1972-1973

    Does anybody have a photo of Donna Maria Braun? Or know what she looked like?
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    TX TX - Unidentified victims of Dean Corll, Houston Serial Killer, 1970-1973

    Searched ancestry again. No pic. But he was married. The name is kept private. What was his role btw? Is he mentioned during the trial or was he a victim?
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    Girl with dark long hair and fur coat.

    I think this is his own pseudo apartment in Monterey Park, so 1977/1979 period. Unless his mother's house was the same in 1974. It was a bedroom, other room and bathroom. I still think that Diane looks a lot like her, but she was murdered in Maryland. Still what if she visited CA and later on...