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    FBI Involvement

    I watched a video the other night. The last topic was about the FBI not helping. They offered and it was turned down. I can't link (I do not know how from here) but name is "Bodies on the Beach: Search for a Serial Killer". It is on You Tube.
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    Viable suspect: Damien Echols

    I have always thought they were murdered by bullying going way to far. I don't think the wm3 started out to murder them. And yes, I do think the right folks were in jail. I don't think there was any satanic overtones. They were not just some innocent kids railroaded by the state of Arkansas...
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    Viable suspect: Damien Echols

    In Arkansas, unless the owner of the dog filed charges, it would not be followed up. Maybe in another state and maybe it would be now but not back in the 90s. Animals are/were considered property. My understanding was this was a sick dog. In that part of town, most likely a stray or the owner...
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    Juror questions for Alyce LaViolette: what is your opinion?

    I am hoping for LWOP. I do believe the crime deserves the DP. I just think the DP would be too good for her. Being locked up and everyone forgetting about her will be much worse.
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    MI MI - Kim Larrow, 15, Canton, June 1981

    SSN weren't gotten as early as they are now. Got mine when I was six because my brother needed one for work. He was 16
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    IL - Man posts photos of daughter duct taped

    I have always thought all persons should have to get a permit, license, whatever you want to call it BEFORE having children. We have to get a license to drive, to get married, to carry a gun. How much abuse could we prevent?
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    Possible match Anna Jovita Mallari, 24 - Missing Since: 1 Dec 1988 from El Paso TX

    I am pretty sure it means they have her DNA. I did not see any rule outs
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    After Newtown, new threats of gun violence surfacing

    The problem being parents, not all but enough, are not teaching morals at home. It really isn't our schools job to raise our kids, it is our job.
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    GUILTY GA - Lauren Giddings, 27, Macon, 26 June 2011 #13

    Cleaning and OSHA personnel have know this for years.
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    GUILTY GA - Lauren Giddings, 27, Macon, 26 June 2011 #13

    There are several lawsuits out there. Judges have ruled both ways. Mostly, what I have seen, land lines still need warrants all the time. Cell phones, according to the judge and circumstances. Google all kinds of cases come up. Most fall under the Patriot Act making it all very vague as to what...
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    GUILTY LA - Charles Fisher, 83, found decomposed in daughter's home, March 2012

    Thinking the roommate could use some of it also!
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    AR AR - Mary Jimmie Shinn, 25, Magnolia, 20 July 1978

    She wasn't a real estate agent. She was just selling a house. She was a teacher. This happened when I was 13. I haven't forgotten her.
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    TN TN - Amber Cates, 16, Maury Co, 11 Apr 2004

    "Police said Cates was last seen with a man four years ago who goes by the name California." Not so sure they really know him.