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    Tech Forensics, computers cel phones, texts,

    Perhaps this had been answered. They never specified whether or not all the phones were activated and in working order. I know I have a few cells phones lying around my house that don't work anymore. My kid uses them as play phones. So with that said, they could have just been junk, old non...
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    2010.11.03 Third party involved?

    I do believe AB is responsible, but I entertain the possibility of Another female accomp. besides Elisa. One we would never suspect!
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    BBM, was that date wrong, I thought it was Dec 13th?
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    Why dismember?

    This could have already been mentioned but I think they only dismembered her Amputated (upper thigh (leg). Maybe they thought people wouldn't be able to identify her so quickly? IMO. I only believe that is what they dismembered hence why they only found 1 bone by itself.
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    2010.12.02. - Lawyers appointed when murder charges were 'imminent' are removed

    I have said from the beginning (not on this board) that NO ONE is going to be charged for this crime..At first I thought they were all a bunch of idiots, they seem to be getting smarter as the case progresses. I don't believe NC is able to handle such cases as this one let alone the little town...
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    AB's Involvement ptII

    There IS NO WAY he just found out about the rape unless everyone he keeps in his "circle" has kept it from him..Think About it!!!!!!
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    2010.11.30 Warrant Number 1 - Discussion Thread

    Possibly, but what home doesn't have clorox? Is there a way they can detect chemicals used on the wall to cover us something?
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    AB's Involvement ptII

    I personally think AB should be "suspect" as well and his Email Accounts and Myspace/Facebook should be mentioned in the warrants as well. Maybe, they have looked at them, but he has plenty of time to erase and delete stuff, where Elisa didn't. He is just as much a suspect as EB IMO.
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    2010.11.30 - Discussion of Documents, re: Rape Allegations, TSY and LJY

    Thanks, Make sense, so who hit her on the head JM? Was JM the one who gave the tip to LE? I have a hard time comprehending this and I read it several times. If there was "accused" rape, why wouldn't they take the mattress? Kinda makes me think this was made up or LE screwed up. Why is it...
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    2010.11.30 - Discussion of Documents, re: Rape Allegations, TSY and LJY

    okay it states "He was told two days ago by JM (who received information from his sister BM). I'm confused.. Can anyone explain this me? So was JM in on this too? I need someone to explain who told who, by who.
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    2010.11.30 Warrant Number 1 - Discussion Thread

    Kind of curious after looking at the warrants, why wasn't AB cell phone, email accounts, and records checked too, he should of been a suspect as well. no? Is that why he hasn't been charged either because they overlooked him? I don't see any warrants for him, besides the house things and tahoe.
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    Cause of Death and Time of Death *MERGED* (Warning: Contains Graphic Content!)

    You have to remember the only reason EB is in a cell right now is because she admitted to the ransom note, If she hadn't she wouldn't be in jail right now either. Neither have been charged with the Murder of Zahra! They could of dismembered her at night (when he wasn't working) and disposed of...
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    AB's Involvement ptII

    This is what bothers me about this whole thing. First of all I think there is many lies, hidden truths, and cover ups. I know she has basically severed ties with EVERYONE that either knew her or was related to her. I think this is one way for everyone to get together and tell things about her to...
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    Q&A Only FOR AY (Railbugfreak) -- NO Discussion

    One thing we got to remember is Aaron wouldn't know a whole lot that has happened in the last few months, him and Elisa had a falling out in February and they haven't saw each other since, so that is almost 8 months of him not being in the lives of Elisa.. Anything could have happened in 8...
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    2010.11.30 - Search Warrants Unsealed

    The person that could of made that tip to Police about the "rape" could of been lying for some reason. We cannot give to much speculation to this unless we have some hard evidence that these 2 mentioned were involved. She could have been a drug dealer, meth or crack head, and wanted to get back...