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    CA CA - Kiely Rodni, 16, missing from a large party @ Prosser Family Campground, car not found, Truckee, 6 Aug 2022

    Since no fires are allowed, I'm guessing the kids used battery powered camping lights and/or car lights to illuminate the area of the party and provide music. Those light sources don't last forever, and it gets cold later at night. My guess is that the party ended naturally because kids were...
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    CA CA - Kiely Rodni, 16, missing from a large party @ Prosser Family Campground, car not found, Truckee, 6 Aug 2022

    I wonder if she drove out there with friends also riding with her in the car. If that's the case.....why did she leave the party by herself?
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    Deceased/Not Found MS - Jimmie "Jay" Lee, 20, University of Mississippi student, drove away from apartment, Oxford, 8 Jul 2022

    Not unexpected considering the details of this case.....but still terrible news. I feel just awful for his family.
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    Found Safe TX - AC Missing from McGregor

    My heart just sank....
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    I think you are correct. Prosecutors know what he would do in a court room.
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    Recovered/Located AL - Casey White, prisoner, & Vicky Sue White, CO w/sher office, Lauderdale, 29 Apr'22 *Reward* #3

    The people who live in Appalachia are very suspicious of outsiders and strangers. It's not so remote that no one would ever see them at some point. There are also a lot of tourists visiting now so it would actually not be a place where they could hide out long term without being noticed. They...
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    You may be right. He may never be found. That area is a great place to dump a body....especially a small child's body. And Terri knew that. But I still keep hoping that someone will find him one day.
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    Kaine had custody of Kyron.....and Terri was his wife. She was Kyron's caretaker so she couldn't be charged with custodial interference. The DA in Kyron's case apparently wants a body or some kind of physical evidence....or something more than what they have. This is one of those cases where LE...
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    I don't personally believe Kyron was snatched by a stranger. He was seen by a room full of people at the science fair, and then seen leaving that room with Terri Horman. Terri claims she watched as he walked down the hall towards his classroom, and that she never saw him again . But a witness...
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    IL - Damari Perry 6, murdered by mom & brother, fnd in abandoned house, Chicago, 7 Jan 2022 *ARREST*

    Awful, awful case.....gutwrenching That poor little boy.
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    WV WV - Leah Hickman, 21, Huntington, 14 Dec 2007 - #2

    I think of Leah often, and wonder if her murderer will ever be caught.
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    Found Deceased AL - Garrett Walker, 20, left bar, University of Alabama student, Tuscaloosa, 6 Nov 2021

    I have always been a little uneasy about The Black Warrior. Something about it.....the dark waters are very forboding. I would not swim in it that's for sure. It's so deep that it gives me the creeps. I hate to think about that young man being in The Black Warrior.
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    An innocent woman would've been raising h#ll about seeing her baby, and would've done what was required to have joint custody. Especially with a child so innocent mother would've been outraged. The judge ruled the way he did for very good reasons. And in 99% of divorce cases.....a...
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    Kyron Horman Discussion Thread 2020

    In many...if not most...custody agreements, it is designated that the child will call the biological mother Mom, or some similar version like Mommy, etc. and the same goes with the biological Dad. No step parent is allowed to use the title of Mom or Dad. This is done to keep parents from being...