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    Australia Australia - Gabriele Jahnke, 19, & Michelle Riley, 16, Annerley, October,” 1973, murdered, Unsolved

    Maybe if the victims clothes have been carefully stored as evidence, authorities can find some DNA evidence
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    IN IN - Ronli Ratliff, 24, Mooresville, 15 April 2004

    Here is another article: Ronli Ratliff murder remains unsolved more than 17 years later And the Facebook page asking for Justice for Ronli: We want Justice for Ronli Ratliff
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    OK Barbara Berry, 19, Comanche Co., 26 Nov 1994

    Here is some more info. It relates Barbara´s murder with other ones, called Cache Road killings. Part Two — Oklahoma Cold Cases
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    UK UK - Deborah Linsley stabbed to death on a train to London Victoria, 23 March 1988

    Here are some details on the train: The carriage Deborah was in was a compartment coach with no corridor. Passengers entered each compartment from a door onto the platform, and once the train was moving there was no way to leave or enter. This would have made it more difficult for someone to...
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    Guam - Ruth Farnsworth McGinnis, 27, raped & murdered by 3 men, 13 Dec 1948

    here is a 1948 article about the case: Madera Tribune 16 December 1948 — California Digital Newspaper Collection
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    UK Scotland - Alexander Drummond, 33, found dead in farm track, Fife, 24, June 1991

    Here is a good sum up of the case: Alexander L Drummond - Unsolved Murder 1991 - Falside Farm, Boarhills, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland - Alexander L Drummond Unsolved Mysteries UK
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    HI HI - Amber Jackson, 57, Kapahi, Kauai, 23 June 2010

    “She was thinking of trying to move back to the Bay Area, mainly to get away from a boyfriend” Where is this former boyfriend now? Why did she wanted to move away from him?
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    CO CO - Karen Aguilera, 23, Colorado Springs, 17 Sept 1987

    Here is her obituary.
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    MS MS - Mary Ann Favre, 15, Bay St Louis, 22 April 1974

    "Adams said the original notes from the case were lost during Hurricane Katrina. He has asked the FBI to see if they still have any files or evidence" I hope there is still some kind of evidence
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    CA CA - Sherry Pickle, 15, Long Beach, 14 May 1972

    Here it says that "she may have traveled to meet a male companion". Who is this guy? Who told LE that she may have traveled to meet a male companion? Did this person tell a specific name?
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    Has Walker County Jane Doe Been Identified?

    Identified today !! Teen murder victim identified 41 years later
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    NC NC - Sheila Brown, 21, Ayden, 10 Sep 1973

    I found this link with info on the case: Online Originals: What happened to Sheila Brown? | WNCT
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    Australia Australia - Gillian Jamieson and Deborah Balken, North Parramatta, 12 Jul 1980

    A brief summary of the case taken from the New South Wales Police. I find interesting one paragraph: "The women's disappearance was reinvestigated and reported to the Deputy State coroner in May 2006. He found that both women died on or after 12 July, 1980, but was unable to comment on the place...
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    TX TX - Shonna Wesley, 16, Dallas, 29 May 1981

    ¿Was the boyfriend cleared? I think he is a viable suspect
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    UT UT - JOHANNA LEATHERBURY, 18, Salt Lake City, August 20, 1971

    "The two juveniles and the driver of the brown scout were cleared". I wonder why were they cleared...