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    Another Sawgrass

    I would not hire an attorney to represent me only to further their career. I believe this type of action could easily be justification to generate a complaint to the bar.
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    Jury Instructions and Reasonable Doubt

    Exactly and if there are any questions they are allowed access to the evidence brought forthwith ..... Thanks Miss James a great explanation in simple language.....:)
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    Jury Instructions and Reasonable Doubt

    IMO the jury will be given instructions by the judge and that is what will be followed. Its ridiculous to hash over something you have no control over and its obvious opinions here are starting to wear on people. Furthermore, it would be a slim chance in ____ that anyone of us would serve on...
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    Adopted by a man who used to date my mom

    Thank you Thank you .....This made me remember that there still are wonderful caring people out there today!
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    What is Misty hiding, IF anything?

    I voted not home. IMHO I think she was out doing drug deals, since alot of deals are done at nite and the weeee hours of the morning. I think Ron could of been involved to the point it was his drugs and he knew she was delivering or doing a deal..
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    Theories On What Happened to Caylee Part #6 (New Smoking Gun Theories for DP)

    More like what wasnt found in the autopsy.. along with the examination of any previous medical records in order to rule out a foregoing medical problem..
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    2008.09.14 Casey Enters No Guilty Plea On Fraud Charges - REVISITED

    Exactly...this is NOT a federal crime. However, the condition of the govt and I dont know how florida is fairing these days will make a big difference also. Being in state govt for over 40 years I will be the first one to tell you times are different, people are not getting the sentencing as...
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    State files motion to proceed with check fraudUPDATE CASE TO BE SCHEDULED

    With all the closing of prisons, several states on the brink of collapse, just the financial climate of today, judges are not ordering lock up like they once did. Governments are not any longer in a position to lock someone up especially when this was their first offense. I dont want it to be...
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    State files motion to proceed with check fraudUPDATE CASE TO BE SCHEDULED

    I am NOT aware of a county in the USA where one would get the stiffest penalty or charged with one (for check fraud) if this was their first time in trouble. It just doesnt happen. It would be pleaded down.... As far as her getting on the stand I doubt that very much. The plead bargaining...
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    Casey's seizure? NEW INFORMATION 2011.09.08

    It was in an article about an interview on Casey. She was an outstanding student in high school, but all of a sudden in her junior or senior year she changed (cant remember which). She skipped school, did not get the GPA, started stealing, basically became an entirely different person.
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    Andrea Lyon New DP Atty

    The word "SUPPOSE" is the key. Anymore because of politics I dont believe it until I see it and sometimes thats questionable. Anyone can write glorified things about themselves or co-author a book. How many people do you know listed as chairman or co-chairman on this board and that board and...
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    Andrea Lyon New DP Atty

    I didnt really explain myself here (am at work and hard to really do sometimes). If AL has knowledge of an inappropriate relationship between JB and KC under the bar ethic system is a licensee required to report this?
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    Andrea Lyon New DP Atty

    Does anyone have the stats on women in FLA. getting the death sentence? Just wondering how often it happens... thanks~
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    2009.05.28 Motions Hearing

    Thats because he really doesnt have one, other than accuse everyone else! JMO
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    2009.05.28 Motions Hearing

    I was wondering the same cause JB smiled and shook his head in agreement!!