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    Imperfect Justice-Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton

    It would be great if Jeff Ashton could shed some light about the jury dynamic. This foreperson almost sounds like he had a Svengali like influence on the jury, or he was like the Pied Piper, leading them to their doom. But he probably whined and complained to this motherly-type figure...
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    If This Had Been a Non-Jury Trial ....

    I think the jury fell hook line and sinker for Baez' lies about George. The foreperson even said in an interview that they thought George was hinky (paraphrased). And, I can't remember if this came up in the trial, but wouldn't the cell phone pings have been used as evidence as to Casey's...
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    2011.05.20 On a Scale of 1 to 10 How do you Feel About this Jury?

    bbm Kinda ironic because the foreperson is a high school teacher, doing his on-line studies for a master's degree from his hotel room, and he was the one who seemed to have convinced the jurors to go with a not guilty verdict. He was supposedly well-educated, but yet he led the jurors down...
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    KC has checked into Probation .2011.08.24 - 6:00 PM EDT #3] Apparently she has been approved to take on-line courses if she wishes.
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    A not so beautiful life.. either way you slice it

    Didn't Karla Homolka almost get a pardon from the Canadian government as well? But there was such a huge outcry from the public that it actually didn't happen. I hope the state of Florida or the US doesn't offer pardons to people like Casey. How did Karla end up in the Caribbean-- did the...
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    GUILTY MA - Rachel, 27, & Lillian Entwistle, 9 mos, murdered, 20 Jan 2006

    They keep repeating that their son is innocent, as if saying it enough will make some people believe it. They seem to imply that the American justice system is backward, and that their "innocent" son Neil would have been found not guilty if tried in England. One thing I noticed in this new...
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    GUILTY WA - Tariq, 56, Sultana, 56, & Basma Rafay, 20, murdered, Bellevue, 13 July 1994

    Seems like all they've got in the appeal was just the recorded sting operation with a false confession defence, and a perhaps ill-chosen comparison made by the prosecutor. There didn't seem to be any new exculpatory evidence presented. Even if the recorded confession and the inflammatory...
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    What's in the Minds of Her Mother, Father, Brother Right Now?

    agreed. But he better milk it for all it's worth, as fast as he can, because as soon as he doesn't jump through all the Anthony hoops he will be readily replaced by some other pimp lawyer stepping in to go down into the Anthony hall of infamy.
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    If This Had Been a Non-Jury Trial ....

    I agree that this jury was incompetent, but couldn't JBP have overturned their decision on the spot if he had wanted to? I think he is being protective of this jury (not wanting to release their names) because he was the one who pushed them through during voir dire. He wanted to get the trial...
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    Seems like she takes after your side of the family, just like my son takes after my side of the family. He doesn't look at all like my husband or his parents or brothe and sister. Caylee didn't look at all like Casey or George. I'm not a geneticist or a biologist by any stretch of the...
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    So he takes after your side of the family does he? Same with my child, he doesn't look at all like my husband, but he strikingly looks like my sister. I don't think my sister and I look that much alike, but strangers do. He resembles my side of the family.
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    How do you know for sure? She had lots of one night stands. Maybe she nor he remember. Maybe he doesn't want to get involved. I read JP's depo and he waffled about the 2007 first initial meeting date (ref. pps. 12 - 13). He said it was "probably" or "possibly" around the summer of 2007...
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    I agree with you, it's always the needy, demanding, screwed-up one who gets the attention, the extra financial support, the greater understanding and forgiveness. It's hard when you could also use that, but others are too caught up with the screwed-up person to give it to you, and you feel...
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    I always wondered why the Anthony's didn't go after child support for Caylee. It was some other guy, not Mark, who died. I know there is a huge monster thread devoted to who might be Caylee's real dad, but if you look at a picture of Mark Hawkins, Caylee didn't look at all like him. Mark...
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    2011.06.22 Levi Page Show: River Cruz (GA's Alleged Mistress) speaks out!

    She did try to attempt suicide when all of this first came to media attention: