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    IL IL - Jesse Ross, 20, Chicago, 21 Nov 2006

    I just saw this case on Beth Holloway's Vanished. I never heard of it before. I did some research. Just some thoughts. Jesse's dad said Jesse had over $400 in cash on him. His mom told Jesse it was too much to take and suggested just $150, according to Jesse's dad. Jesse still took the higher...
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    OH - 2 bodies found at trailer park where reporter was reported missing, Wood County, 12 Nov 2018

    Just with what we know, it is obvious to me that she confronted him about something very unpleasant. This has all the hallmarks of cases when someone confronts sexual abuse. Reports indicate that the mother recalled the uncle saying her daughter was the "apple of his eye." That's pretty close...
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    TX TX - Yogurt Shop Murders, Austin, 6 Dec 1991

    Now that we know that DNA profiles from ancestry websites helped catch the Golden State Killer, I hope Austin LE will do the same in this case, since they have a full DNA profile from Amy's body. Any cold case that has DNA should use this new technology!
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST*

    Woo hoo! I am stunned by this news. There is hope out there for solving other cold cases, too. Thanks to LE for never giving up looking for this monster!
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    Canada - Barry, 75, & Honey Sherman, 70, found dead, Toronto, 15 Dec 2017 #1

    I Maybe someone took advantage of the bad blood between Sherman and his cousins, and went in for the kill, thinking the cousins would be the top suspects. Who stood to benefit the most? This was a hit. The usual suspects have strong alibis. Who would know the Shermans were about to go to...
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #64

    Sometimes I wonder if the killer is hiding in plain sight. Could he be a reputable person in the community who disguised himself? He may not even look like the sketch. That may explain why nobody has stepped forward to identify this guy. None of his colleagues/neighbors/friends/family would ever...
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    Missouri - The Springfield Three--missing since June 1992 - #7

    I've always believed there was only one perp. The perp was known by at least one of the women, who let him in. Their dog, a Yorkie, would have barked its head off, sounding the alarm, had it been a break-in/random home invasion. And Sherrill was too security conscious, according to people who...
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #39

    Yes, it was 43 in Delphi on Feb. 13. In the Midwest, the 40s is considered very mild in February. The sun is warm, too, making it feel even warmer that the real temperature. Abby is dressed appropriately, with a light jacket. The BG is overdressed, in my opinion.
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #39

    BG is way overdressed considering it was a very mild day in Indiana. In addition, the sun was out, making it feel warmer. I live just a couple of hours away, and we've had some very mild temperatures this winter. Could it be that BG was disguised because he was there for another reason? Perhaps...
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #32

    Probably the latter. They're casting a wide net. And LE is under enormous pressure to catch the perp.
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail Williams, 13, & Liberty German, 14, Delphi, 13 Feb 2017 #32

    I agree. BG and RL don't appear similar in appearance at all. RL has wider hips, thicker thighs, and his facial features are not similar. BG is thinner in all aspects, in my opinion. This type of case is among the most risky in terms of LE getting the right person who committed the crime...
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    CANADA Canada - Madison Scott, 20, Vanderhoof, BC, 27 May 2011

    @adeedra: Madison's younger 15-year-old sister was actually at that second party Saturday night, so it was probably planned earlier.
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    Burke Ramsey Files 750 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CBS

    I'm sure the show was vetted thoroughly by CBS's bank of high paid lawyers before it was broadcast. I think LW is hoping for a settlement before the depositions start. I don't think CBS's attorneys will allow JR and BR to say, "I don't recall," during depositions. Network/news attorneys are very...
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    Questions you'd like answers to...

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    Questions you'd like answers to...

    I just watched "Investigative Reports" with Bill Kurtis, on the JBR case called "Anatomy of an Investigation" which was originally broadcast in August 2000. I always thought that the basement window was the only point of possible entry and exit of a possible intruder, but John Ramsey says the...