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    PTSD sufferers - please post here

    PTSD is something I have been diagnosed with. I never really understood what it physically manifested as until recently. It's amazing that I have learned more about it during this trial than when I have sought treatment. The nightmares, the panic attacks, the agoraphobia, the self-loathing at...
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    I remember when this is the example of what I hope will happen for the rest of FCA's life.....or the fear of it happening hopefully will turn her into an agoraphobe.
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    Interesting debate. You both make good arguments. OJ Simpson was my husband's favorite husband wore his #.....when he tells football stories now, and the name OJ comes up, there is always some comment or inference, to make it clear he does not admire nor respect him as a person...
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    2012.11.26 Nancy Grace - AZlawyer Interviewed

    So well said, I hadn't read this far when I posted.
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    2012.11.26 Nancy Grace - AZlawyer Interviewed

    I haven't read all the pages of this thread, but I did want to say this.....awesome work AZ & JWG.....and on another note....I took a lot of carp from my family and friends for being a WS'r........I mostly lurk now since the Verdict......I was crushed into a little black cave......I've been...
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    2012.09.06 Shirley Plesea Obituary

    Shirley, you were the one hope of light in this dark family. I pray for your husband, who is now without your loving care. I know you and Caylee will be waiting for him when his time comes. You have all the answers now. God Bless and give comfort to those that loved you.
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    WESH: Caylee's Fund dissolved, Dr. Phil's 600K contribution

    I think Dr. Phil should put Tim Miller and Zenaida on his show, and pay them each $600, least........
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    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition #2

    Thank you for saying what I was thinking!
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    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition #2

    I couldn't agree more.
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    Remains found in Big Spring

    Good Morning America is reporting that the body is Hailey and that the boyfriend of the mother is a suspect. I've heard nothing more than what the crawler stated.
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    Need some help with questions as soon as you can about Casey

    I have such mixed emotions on this subject.....I'm just curious...did those of you living in Florida witness a very bright lighting flash???? Could have occurred when FCA walked into a church.........just sayin'......
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    so there's hope? I mean for principals sake?
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    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition #2

    In California the Court Reporter is also a Notary Public who is responsible for positively identifying the deponent, putting them under oath, and then attaching an affidavit to the deposition to that affect. The Notary keeps in her journal the manner used to positively identify the deponent...
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    Sidebar Discussion #2

    LOL....we could make a dictionary out of words (or emotions) not in HER dictionary!
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    Cindy's BoA Checking Account

    Couldn't agree with you more.