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    Identified! AZ - Coconino Co, 'Valentine Sally' WhtFem 585UFAZ, 14-19, along I-40, Feb'82 -Carolyn Celeste Eaton

    I noticed Reddit users have shared an image said to be of Carolyn while she was alive. It appears the original file was enhanced, which was added to Unidentified Wiki today. Does anyone know where this photo came from? I haven’t found it on any news publications yet, nor on law enforcement...
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    UT UT - Robby Lynn Peay, 17, Salt Lake City, Oct 7, 1982

    Here's a link to his NCMEC page. I've also attached a larger version of the age progression. The Charley Project also updated the circumstances of his disappearance; he left with a companion who was located and stated they separated. Although Robby initially ran away, it's believed he was...
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    OR OR - Williams, wooded area of Holkum Peak, UncFem 14-18, UP11638, Brown sweater, May'78

    The sex has been changed to "unsure" on NamUs, and the facial reconstructions have been removed.
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    GA GA - Gloria Baird, 23, Atlanta, Dec 1969

    It's worth sending in. Nobody has apparently been ruled out as the Jane Doe, according to NamUs.
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    Identified! CA - San Diego, WhtFem 547UFCA, 20s, may be from Arkansas, Jan'00 - Nicole Weis

    She's finally in NamUs. Age updated to 20-40 with broader height and weight estimations. She also had red toenail polish. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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    CA CA - Placer Co., WhtFem UP17572, 18-27, found in the area of Colfax and Iowa Hill Road, Oct'80

    Clipping from the 11/4/80 release from Auburn Journal. The article clarifies additional details about the case, including the fact it's being investigated as a murder. **Please note: the sheriff's office phone number has since been changed to 530-889-7800 Clipping from Auburn Journal -...
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    MD MD - Frederick, WhtFem 17-45, UP7477, in steamer trunk in state park, Spondylolysis, Aug'82

    NCMEC released two renderings this morning. She's also back in their database. Age range listed as 17-27; EDD is spring 1982. I'm hoping the new images means they were able to locate her remains, since most of the skeletal decedents have CT scans done of their skulls. This could also mean DNA...
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    CA CA - Los Angeles, Wht/HispFem UP4219, 15-23, butterfly tattoo, Aug'84

    The LA County Coroner's Office added a bunch of postmortem photos to their NamUs pages. This Jane Doe's was one of them, just be aware that it's a bit unsettling to look at.
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    WI WI - Rhinelander, WhtMale 25-45, UP60642, in field, 6'4, poss wore glasses, Helbros watch, Mar'80

    So, as I expected, there wasn't a lot the sheriff's office could share with me, since this is an active investigation (which was reopened after the new ME was hired). The officer did explain that they are moving forward with the investigation. I was informed that they are working on getting a...
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    WI WI - Rhinelander, WhtMale 25-45, UP60642, in field, 6'4, poss wore glasses, Helbros watch, Mar'80

    I’m hopefully going to talk with the sheriff’s department, as I’m staying nearby for winter break. Is there anything you guys would want me to bring up? I’m planning on asking about DNA, getting reconstructions made, more news coverage and DNA Doe Project / Parabon involvement.
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    CA CA - San Mateo Co, WhtMale 773UMCA, 19-25, female clothing, Nov'83

    I agree that the resemblance is very strong between the two. The only discrepancies are the one-year age difference and the eye colors (listed as blue for MP and hazel for UP). But I've seen some identifications where the coloration was off. I googled the name "Robby Lynn Peay" and found a...
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    KY KY - Crittenden, 50 Ft From Kenton Co Line, WhtFem 13-15, UP6711, Found Nude On Menefee Road, Long, Light Brown Hair, Apr'76

    She's back on NamUs. There are now sketches available. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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    NY NY - William Maas, 72, Hollis, 10 May 1941

    I am a distant relative of William Maas and was the one who had him entered into the Doe Network. There are a lot of unknown factors in the case. I have tried to get him added to NamUs and file an official missing person report, but this has proved very difficult. There is a possibility he was...