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    DC DC - Freeway Phantom Haunts police

    Having now listened to it twice, I have to say it is an excellent episode. The thing that stood out the most was how the Casefile team insisted that the Green Vega suspect didn't provide a single detail that wasn't already publicly known. This is very different from what is stated in the...
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    DC DC - Freeway Phantom Haunts police

    The latest episode of Casefile (Episode 121) covers the case of the Freeway Phantom. Hopefully the high profile of this podcast brings some much needed attention to this case. The Casefile team have produced these six maps showing the last known movements of the six known victims, and the...
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    Australia Australia - Hugo Palmer & Erwan Ferrieux (fnd dec), both 20, Brit & Fr, Port Macquarie, 18 Feb 2019

    DNA testing has indicated several bones found on the state's mid-north coast last month are those of missing French backpacker Erwan Ferrieux, NSW police have said. Bones found on NSW beach belong to missing French backpacker, police say
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #4

    People who have been following this case reasonably closely would know that the LA Times has been working on a story on JJD, basically since immediately after the arrest. Well, it has finally arrived - and it also features a new multi-part LA Times podcast 'from the makers of Dirty John' The...
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    FL FL - Weeki Wachee, WhtFem UP12589, 20-30, SK victim, in shallow grave, Mar'81

    Hi Ylva, yes the two identified bodies both belonged to young women. From articles posted by Migmuu earlier in the thread: The police had begun excavating the property in March 1981 after being tipped off by an informant that they could find the body of missing 21-year-old Sandra Graham buried...
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    NH NH - Allenstown, Adult Female & 3 Children, found Nov'85 & May'00 #2

    There are still at least TWO UID's in this case - the 'middle child' found in the barrels, and also her mother. Authorities also do not know the location of Denise Beaudin's remains, so unfortunately this case is FAR from closed... It was stated on the most recent episode of Bear Brook that...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #4

    Because the double murder occurred in 1978 and DNA technology was not available to be used in crime scene investigations at that time. The police / investigators would have only been able to determine if the blood was type A, B, AB or O... Safe to say the type matched Ms Wicht and not Mr Coley...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #4

    Murder Inc, if you did a quick search through this thread, or through my post history, you would see that I have made about 15 posts over the past 12 months linking to episodes of the 12-26-75 podcast. I am very open to the possibility that Oscar Clifton WAS framed, and failed by the TSCO, who...
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    CA - Craig Coley, 70, gets $21 million settlement for wrongful murder conviction, 23 Feb 2019

    Thanks cybervampira, but I would disagree with the article you have linked to using the word "debunked" In Coley’s case, an eyewitness’ observation of what appeared to be his truck leaving the scene of the crime was later debunked. Hardly debunked. Just somewhat difficult. And while it might...
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    CA - Craig Coley, 70, gets $21 million settlement for wrongful murder conviction, 23 Feb 2019

    I just posted this in the EAR thread, but it is equally - if not more - relevant here. It is very, very, very debatable that Mr Coley was "wrongfully convicted", IMO. The facts of the case are as follows: To summarize: 1. Ms Wicht dumped Mr Coley. He was very upset / depressed by this fact...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #4

    Prison is full of "innocent" men who claim to have been framed squid! MOO. A simple examination of the facts reveals that CC almost certainly murdered Ms Wicht and also her four year old son Donald. To summarize: 1. Ms Wicht dumped Mr Coley. He was very upset / depressed by this fact and let...
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    PA PA - Philadelphia, Blk/HispMale 12-17, UP16617, on RR tracks, scars, poss virgo tatt, Jul'96

    If the date of last contact is correct (10th of August 1996) then he cannot be the UID. However, dates have been incorrect before, though some of those dates were only a rough estimate eg 1st of January 2000, when the specific date is unknown. 10th of August sounds fairly specific to be...
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    GUILTY Australia - Aiia Masarwe, 21, Israeli exchange student, murdered, Melbourne, Jan 2019 *ARREST*

    Strangely similar to the Eurydice Dixon case, both women in their early 20's, who had visited a comedy club in Melbourne immediately prior to their murders. I wonder if this offender will fit a similar profile to Ms. Dixon's killer JT?
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    Kenya - 21 killed, Nairobi Dusit Hotel under attack, blasts & gunfire, 15 Jan 2019 *Arrests*

    The death toll is now at 21, but it may be substantially higher: Kenyan security forces have killed all the Somali militants who stormed an upscale Nairobi hotel compound, taking at least 21 lives and forcing hundreds of people into terrifying escapes, the government said on Wednesday. Fifty...
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    Found Alive Burkina Faso (Africa) - Edith Blais, 34 & Luca Tacchetto, 30, Canada & Italy tourists, 15 Dec 2018

    In possibly related news, a Canadian man was abducted on Tuesday in Burkina Faso: A Canadian national was kidnapped in an area of Burkina Faso that the government has warned is under growing threat from jihadist attacks, Security Minister Clement Sawadogo said on Wednesday. Sawadogo said the...