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    AZ AZ - Colorado City, Male Skel UP13327, 60-70, near Honeymoon Trail, clothes/belt/blanket/cigs,Nov'14

    Bumping. I wonder if this is Charles Samek: What makes me think it could be him: - the age is right, UID is believed to be between 60 and 70, Samek was 65 - the estimated time of death was within 6 months (it says in the article above...
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    CANADA Canada - Mission, BC, WhtFem 788UFBC, 20-40, Pickton victim, Feb'95

    Bumping. I came across Monique Heneault who resembles the sketch. She was 27 and disappeared in 1986, so within the time frame. It also looks like her teeth are gapped. Only thing is that she was from Montreal so basically the other end of the country. Link to her profile...
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    WA WA - Grayland, UncMale 15-25, UP12862, washed ashore, extensive dental work, Apr'97

    Daniel Trojanek maybe? Right age, height and weight, went missing from a coastal town in Oregon. He could have drowned and the current could have taken him north. What speaks against him is that he went missing a year before the Doe was found, I...
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    FL FL - St Petersburg, Skeletal Remains in War Memorial Park, Mar'16

    Bumping. This case is now on Namus and a whole bunch of information has been added: - he was white and between 65 and 80 years old - estimated height is 68 inches and weight about 100 pounds - hair color was grey - postmortem interval is about 5 weeks - he...
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    Identified! MN - Battle Lake, WhtMale 975UMMN, 45-55, alias 'David Erickson', May'05 - n/a

    :bump: This case is now on Namus: One ruleout so far: Randolph Brookshire
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    CA CA - Fresno, HispMale, 25-40, silver buckle w/ initial 'D', Mar'14

    The case is now on Namus: They have narrowed the age to 20-23 and his height is now given as 5'2. He was found in a shallow grave in an orchard. It says he was wearing underwear and a tanktop, there's no mention of the belt so it probably didn't belong to him?
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    Identified! TN - Campbell Co, BlkFem 30-40, 223UFTN, crowded teeth, Oct'98 - Lori A. Alexander

    Bumping for this woman. There's a new reconstruction on her Doenetwork page: I think she looks a bit like this missing woman: Jacqueline Ann Ellis Missing since April 21, 1998 from Marrero, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Classification: Endangered...
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    CA CA - Idyllwild, Wht/HispMale UP7252, 20-40, near Lake Fulmor, May'10

    This case is now on Namus: DNA of the UID is on file. There is one ruleout so far: Jaime Tijerina
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    IL IL - Park Forest, WhtMale 1500UMIL, 50-60, Zippo Lighter w/Polish Flag, Oct'08

    :bump: I noticed that they added a new pic that shows us how the man may have looked like at a younger age: There's also a quite extensive ruleout list now (233 exclusions). Ted Palka is not on it but I don't think it's him, his chin looks different and his nose doesn't have a tilt like the...
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    VA VA - Woodbridge, WhtMale 30-70, UP6474, clothes, Reeboks, glasses, May'90

    Update: There is now 598 (!) people on the ruleout list. Mitchell Manns is not on it but he has DNA on Namus now so I guess it can't be him either.
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    KY KY - Pine Mountain, Letcher Co, WhtMale 20-35, UP105, In Dump, COD: Stab Wound, Prev Factures: Nose, Left Skull, Poss Prev Tailbone Fracture, Oct'81

    Bumping this up because I noticed they added a sketch(?) with a front view to his Namus file: So I went through the missing people of 1981 again and found this missing young man: William Woolheater
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    TX TX - San Antonio, WhtFem 20-50, UP10143, ring w/1962 East Central San Antonio w/initials CC, Mar'07

    Could also be that she was a drug addict, she had a glass pipe and lighters on her, maybe she was high on crack/meth/whatever and fell off the bridge.
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    Identified! CA - L.A. Griffith Park, WhtFem 725UFCA, 20-28, @Picnic Table, Jun'68 Cheryl McMillan

    Has her brother looked at the post mortem pic? Does he think it's her? Great work!
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    CA CA - El Cerrito, AsianMale Skeletal 1301UMCA, 40-65, along deer path, Aug'98

    Thank you, astridxx (also for explaining the NAMUS process :) ). Maybe they'll speed up the DNA testing or can find dentals of Noriya now that they have a possible match.
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    CA CA - El Cerrito, AsianMale Skeletal 1301UMCA, 40-65, along deer path, Aug'98

    Can you please submit him, astridxx? I have no idea how you submit someone on NamUs and I only just submitted someone on Doe Network and don't want to become an annoyance there...