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    Sidebar Discussion #8

    Have I missed Casey on a Dr. Phil show?
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    Susan G. Komen charity pulls grants

    If Planned Parenthood kills ONE baby, they have NO respect from me!!
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    MSM coverage of Baby Lisa, 10/31/11

    What kind of dog was missing? Could the eye witnesses have thought a dog being carried was a baby?
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    LE serves search warrant on family home #4

    Yes, I haven't seen any info on who saw Lisa last other than mother? Was father sitting with kids while she was at store around 5? Was she back in time for him to leave for work at 5:20 which he said he did?
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    If you agree or disagree with the verdict, let us know why

    If she is SO sick, she should be put in a mental recovery program institution forever!!! Lying is so not a sickness, it's a choice!!
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    If you agree or disagree with the verdict, let us know why

    Originally Posted by Caligram My head has been whirling as I read each post on this thread to see if I might have missed some valid points made by those who agree with the jury. I guess I am just too old and stubborn (I'm 74) to change my ideas about right and wrong. The word "law" used to...
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    If you agree or disagree with the verdict, let us know why

    No ugly names, I just TOTALLY disagree with everything said here!! Casey has not paid for the crimes she committed! I believe the cruelty of child neglect which ended in death , even if heaven forbid it was an accident with covering up with lies and costing the taxpayers soooooo much and...
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    2011.07.11- 07.18 Sidebar Thread (Post-Verdict)

    BBM I know I am SUPER late with response here, but life called and just getting back. I truly believe what I bolded here! Wonder if we have ANY recourse, I guess not. I really want someone to tell that jury what they did wrong!
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    Theory: could this have been a defense plan?

    I haven't been on much since verdict, just had to try and deal with all my feelings! Just saw this thread this morning and couldn't help sharing my thoughts. So if this has been said before, I add another poster to it. But I said the first night of trial that the turning of G & C was FOR this...
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    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    Oh, thank you! I couldn't imagine he could be just anyone!
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    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    Haven't seen anything about this maybe I missed it. Who was the young man who came over to sit and talk with ICA today? They were laughing and she was like flirting. Thanks in advance.
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    2011.06.27 TRIAL Day Twenty-nine (Afternoon Session)

    I really agree with this!!! Guess necessary but I want to see people, not expert's testimony!!! Bring on the REAL fireworks!!
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    2011.06.27 TRIAL Day Twenty-nine (Afternoon Session)

    raysgirl1126, I wouldn't say I don't like him, but I sure don't gush over him or some others the way many do. I think he and Linda are doing a good job, but many things could be better!! Think the tendency is to think he and Linda do nothing wrong and dt does everything wrong. (almost, but...
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    2011.06.23 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-six)

    Amen! She had so many of us really having compassion for her and she just invited the protestors to come to the house again!!!
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    2011.06.23 TRIAL Day Twenty-six (Morning Session)

    Ms Simms has forgotten to set her tone to breathless this morning. Proves her normal voice is as she is using now!!