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    CA - Emma Barker, 18 mos, suffocated, Lancaster, 18 March 2009 #1

    She does live in California... and
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    Casey's Life in Jail, Visitors; Phone Calls; Commissary etc.#3

    If you search his name "first last" caylee..he has posted his reasons on other sites.
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    Woman Gives Birth To Octuplets In California

    Well, I read an interview where she stated that she had multiple embryos implanted previously and the most she ended up with was twins. So, if in fact that is true, then I believe her intentions were not to have high order multiples.
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    Woman Gives Birth To Octuplets In California

    There is no proof that she got plastic surgery or spent $1000 at MAC. I don't consider TMZ to be a reliable news source. I agree with your opinion of her actions. However, I feel what is done is done and there is no going back and changing her choice to use IVF to have another child.
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    Woman Gives Birth To Octuplets In California

    I don't think my opinion is going to be very popular, but I don't think Nadya is doing this for attention. I do not believe it was her intention to have 8 babies, but she did, and I think people need to understand that there are no other surviving octuplets. This would have been a media frenzy...
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    Marc Klaas Wants To Know What You Think. Please Participate

    1) I think that Casey was involved in illegal activities and was neglecting/abusing Caylee to do them. 2) I think that Lee is weird and communicates in a strange manner. He knows what Casey was doing. 3) I think that George knows Casey killed Caylee and may have known at the time of the gas...
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    Caylee Memorial

    Did anyone get a good look at Mallory when she was just standing? It looks like she is pregnant and on her MySpace there is a countdown. I think she is due any day now.
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    Caylee Memorial

    If I was there, I would have had to walk out of the memorial when they started talking about Casey. NG is going to be on fire this afternoon.
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    Motions Hearing - Fri., Jan. 30, 2009 @8:30 AM

    IMO he says a pen to write. BUT WHY IS SHE SMILING AND LAUGHING?!? :furious:
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    FL FL - Nancy Bochicchio, 47, & Joey Bochicchio-Hauser, 7, Boca Raton, 12 Dec 2007

    I lived in Boca Raton for a little while and I actually worked at the department store Burdines/Macy's in this mall for 2 years. It's in a busy area and the mall is about the same size as other malls I have seen in other areas of the country. This is an affluent area. The mall has stores there...
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    2009.01.21 Document Release

    Can you imagine what Mallory feels like reading that? If I were her, I would run far and fast!
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    2009.01.21 Document Release

    I'm only counting 241 pages..where's the rest?
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    Slide Show and Video of 8-14-2008 Jail Visit

    IMO, KC told Baez that she showed "emotion" in the video so he thought it would help prove she is not as sociopathic as the rest of us view her. Too bad it was all me, me, me.