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    Found Deceased IA - Mollie Tibbetts, 20, Poweshiek County, 19 Jul 2018 #16

    "It's totally speculation," Rob Tibbetts told ABC News, "but I do believe that Mollie is with someone who she knows, probably someone who cares about her. But that relationship was misguided, misinterpreted and went wrong, and I think they're in a place with Mollie and don't know how to get...
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    Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than the Universe

    This makes me happy, Never say never :)
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    Hurricane Harvey - August 2017

    Keeping an eye on those close the the hurricane, from Australia. Keep safe xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The carpet outside of the wine cellar with urine stains

    The app z Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found Deceased AZ - Diana Zacarias, 22, Grand Canyon, 2 April 2016

    So sad, I've followed this since the start. At least the parents mind can be slightly at ease, but the heartbreak must be terrible. For whatever the reason of her death, lets hope she is at peace.
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    Found Deceased OH - Sierah Joughin, 20, Fulton County, 19 July 2016 #6 *Arrest*

    Late afternoon here in Melbourne Australia. I have been following this thread since Sierah went missing. Sending love strength and positivity to all who is personally connected to Sierah before this senseless taking of life, and those who have taken Sierah's case under their wings in this forum...
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    FL FL - AMBER ALERT: Diana Alvares, 9, Fort Myers, 29 May 2016 #3

    First time poster here. What a horrible situation for all involved. Regarding the phone- I'm wondering if he left it there and arranged for his brother or an ex to pick it up for him, hence it being in long grass. That could be why he rang the phone as his friends/family couldn't find it...