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    Remains found near Lisa's home?

    Do you have the link?
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    Identified! IL - Will Co., Male body in Des Plaines River, May'09 - Gary Schmidt

    In the Stebic forum, a poster has written that CNN is reporting that the body is neither Stebic nor Peterson. Speculating the body possibly may be male? There is no link. Although I have asked for one.
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    2009.05.21 Todays hearing postponed due to BC hurting his back

    I applaud you for your post for those who do have spinalcord and /or back injuries - spasms can create a high level of pain. Perhaps I am nieve, but I want to reserve judgement of bc and give him a pass on this one. But what concerns me is why he did not want to conduct this via phone? Maybe...
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #6

    Is LKB off the case?
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    The Anthonys think we're the crazy ones

    You are so right. Why on earth would ZG take the child with force, when in fact she was going to be given the child anyway. All ZG had to do was not return the child to KC and say "Oh by the way, I am keeping the child". This kidnapping theory isnt going to fly. Maybe pigs will but this aint!
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    NEW Casey Anthony DOLL in U.S.A. flag!

    I totally agree. KC should be ashamed of herself for even wearing the American Flag to a party. She desecrated the American Flag and everything it stands for !!!! And I dont know who's bright idea it was to make a doll wearing the American Flag, but I guess they have poor taste and...
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    2009.02.21 Geraldo at Large

    Why do I feel like the circus is coming to Florida again?????
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    2009.02.21 Geraldo at Large

    I am trying to catch up here, but I obviously missed something tonight.....I though both bio parents and relatives were working together? What changed so drastically? Was it GR stirring the pot?? again........
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    2009.02.21 Geraldo at Large

    I think it is in the thread: links to important docs. :waitasec:
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    WESH: Duct Tape Info in the Document Release

    :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: lol
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    WESH: Duct Tape Info in the Document Release

    My Money is on Blink!!! ....period....! I wondered were she has been......thanks for the link!!! :clap:
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    LA: "the knowledge/means to facilitate the answers"

    LOL I looked at him with my head cocked and didnt know what the heck he was doing to his wrist??!!?!? :)
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    LA: "the knowledge/means to facilitate the answers"

    LA Words at the ceremony = jibberish!! I dont even think he knew what he meant.
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    Cindy's eulogy for Caylee

    dont forget announcement..... Eurobitument :crazy:
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    Cindy's eulogy for Caylee

    I too agree, it is the oddest obit, announcement, eulogy. It started out correct, but then somehow derailed in the last few paragraphs. I am curious who wrote this, because this is not the standard (per say) Funeral Director obit or family eulogy.:waitasec: