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    Found Deceased AR - Ashley Bush, 33, *31 wks pregnant, met woman online for job interview*, Maysville, 31 October 2022

    My heart is broken for Ashley and Valkyrie, Josh and the three children who lost their mom. I'm also keeping AW's son in my thoughts. His life as he knows it is over. I hope he is with someone who is loving and caring and protecting him from the details of this story.
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    Found Deceased AR - Ashley Bush, 33, *31 wks pregnant, met woman online for job interview*, Maysville, 31 October 2022

    Was Ashley in the vehicle with "Lucy" when Lucy looked straight at JW before Lucy headed north on Hwy 43? Or was Lucy alone? Perhaps I missed something but I've not seen anything that indicates Ashley was in the vehicle with Lucy? Edit: Did find my answer upon reading more carefully - JW did...
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    Found Deceased OR - Kendra Hanks, 18, walking from work along Hwy 42 towards Winston, Douglas Co, 7 Jul 2022

    Been away for a day or two...came back to this sad news....RIP Kendra. Prayers for her family for peace and strength
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    Identified! Il - Forest Pk, Skeletal Remains Up16830, In Tarped Car, Jun17 Janice Petersen-peppers-norsworthy

    I'm very sorry for your loss of your aunt. Beautiful picture...I hope that your memories of her bring you some comfort.
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    Found Safe CT - Debra Therrien, 61, missed work, car & personal stuff left at home, Bristol, 16 Jun 2022

    Found Debra's FB...but either she is not a prolific poster or it's pretty locked down. Log into Facebook Very little information so far....
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    VA VA - Janet 'Renee' Field, 49, Scottsville, 2 July 2014

    Agreed! I just cannot believe that Renee just up and abandoned not only her car, but her whole life....I find it very difficult to believe that she would have left her mother to worry about her forever. I hope that someday justice will be served....
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    NC NC - Sara Graham, 18, Fairmont, 4 February 2015 - #3

    Just listened to the podcast....rumors within it that I never heard before. I too think the interview was strange. As a parent, I would be HOUNDING the FBI to ensure they are still working the case. I still have hope that Sara will get justice someday.
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    GUILTY MO - Mengqi Elledge, 28, found deceased, Columbia, 9 Oct 2019 *husband arrested*

    A new trial? On what grounds I wonder? What's a new trial on tax payers dollars going to do? He admitted to killing her (though I still don't think he's told the full truth)! Confused as to what a new trial would change? From second degree to manslaughter?
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    IN - Emma Sweet, 2, (died), Dad and truck found, Bartholomew Co, 24 Nov 2021 *arrest*

    Because he has given two different stories, I'm wondering if they will find water in her lungs?
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    Found Deceased OH - Joni Davis, 55 & Brian Goff, 64, St. Clairsville, 10 June 2018 *found deceased 2021*

    Expected news, but it hurts my heart. I hope that LE can figure out what exactly happened and justice served IF deserved. RIP Brian and Joni.
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    MI MI - Jasmine Moody, 18, Detroit, 4 December 2014

    New article from 3 days ago. While there is no new information, there are comments from mother and step-father. I'm still hoping she is found one day.... She Flew to Detroit to Visit a Friend. She Never Returned. | The Vivid Faces of the Vanished | NewsBreak Original
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    Presumed Located NY - Alyssa Olivier, 39, Manhattan, 29 Sept 2021

    It's sad that she prefers a homeless and dangerous life on the streets to the safety of family member. I hope she changes her mind before winter sets in....