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    Woman with nipple on foot shocks doctors

    lol :floorlaugh: :great:
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    Exclusive: Casey's Aunt, Pam Plesea, Speaks - book being written

    You know if you go back and find the first Nancy Grace shows that featured Cindy talking about finding Caylee...Cindy was rude and wouldn't answer the questions about Casey. She told Nancy it isn't about is about finding Caylee. She told Nancy that Casey took Caylee to bond with her...
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    Cindy's cousin speaks out about George's guilt

    Why write a book?? Just come out and say it...oh yeah to make money...:)
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    Did the jury get it wrong, or...

    How can the jury believe that george would dispose of the body if it was an accident?!?! This would not have happened if it was an accident!!! What would George have to gain by doing this?
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    Did anyone get to read her lips this morning when she was happy and thought she would be going home today?
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    Do you think State will now go after CA?

    Since Casey said Caylee drowned in the pool on June 16th...( and George knew cause Casey said so)...will they be responsible for paying the state of Florida back and all the searchers?
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    Who is Matthew Bartlett and why the middle finger sign?

    there is a picture on Facebook of Casey flipping the bird..
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    2011.05.28 Cindy Anthony testimony

    I think Cindy called her on the phone while she was in the parking lot and then Casey told her she wasn't there.
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    2011.05.28 Cindy Anthony testimony

    When Cindy was on the stand LDB asked her about Caylee's teddybear. She said yes she cuddled with it since she couldn't cuddle with Caylee.Then LDB asked if it come up missing and Cindy said yes. She then ask Cindy if she told Casey about it and Cindy said maybe a few days later. So I wonder if...
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    Charity Distances Itself From Anthonys; Shoe Donations

    Why dont Cindy donate money instead of used shoes. Remember when we first heard about Caylee missing people were sending them stuffed animals and Lee gets on the news and said "they threw alot away because they smelled like smoke" Why is it that they did not want used stuff but they feel they...
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    Forensic Astrology - CAYLEE ANTHONY Reported Missing 7/15/2008: #11

    Maybe Doctor G took a picture of the duck tape when she did the autopsy.
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    Hank Croslin Jr Talks

    Didn't the grandma go by the house around 8 that evening and drop off cloths and seen them eating on the porch?
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    The Anthony's re-baptized on Caylee's 4th birthday

    I hope they start being truthful now!