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    UNSOLVED NJ - Trenton, Skeleton found under house, Jan'06

    Goodness. This reminds me of that one guy: "Paul Shigeo Kawasaki Kawasaki, 51, disappeared from Los Angeles, California on July 18, 2005. In July 2010, his remains were found stuffed in the crawl space of his own house. No one had lived there since he disappeared. Kawasaki liked to spend time...
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    Identified! CA - Saratoga, WhtFem UP14683, 15-24, off Hwy 9, black floral top, Dec'14 - Name Not Released

    In my experience, it seemed that often it was the girls with broader, fuller, and/or more "masculine" faces were more prone to restrictive eating and related problems. I think that they always saw "fat" faces in the mirror, then thought they were "fat," no matter how thin their bodies became...
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    Identified! TX - Dallas, BlkFemale, 30-40, 'sexy chocolate' tattoo, Aug'13 - Tunesia Lyons

    That calf tattoo should surely jog someone's memory: a lot of women down here in Oklahoma and Texas wear shorts 9 months out of the year (at least). More so when they have tattoos to show off.
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    OK - Convicted child molester moves next door to his victim, Bristow, June 2017

    Me neither. I live here! It's horrible! Today the local news reported that a jury recommended life in prison for two men: one raped a woman, the other filmed it. I was SHOCKED, because normally they let adults' rapists off with ridiculously light sentences, or they just acquit them. Then I...
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    Resolved NY - E. Harlem, BlkMale UP6829, 20-30, in river, 'Nate the Great' tattoo, Oct'97

    Wow. So frustrating that this is still hanging there unresolved. Don't the investigators have the authority to rule this a match even without something definitive like fingerprints? In any other era, the numerous consistencies between Nathan Hines and the decedent, plus that really specific...
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    PA PA - Philadelphia, BlkFem 4-6, UP16611, Amputated Finger, Wht apron, in milk crate, May'62

    Poor baby. I doubt her family would have reported her missing, and I can't say that I fault them for it: being black people, in the United States, in the early 1960s, the police probably would not have listened anyway. It's a horrible case, I am surprised I haven't read about it before. I...
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    MS MS - Bay St Louis, WhtFem 37-42, UP2841, no teeth, 'black lung', emphysema, chron bronchitis, May'98

    I really hope they find UID's body this time. Whoever has been keeping their records at that potters field needs a lecture. I'm thinking UID's probably Terrie Holland, looking at them side by side made something click in my head. At least if they find the right body and if they can get DNA...
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    FL FL - Daytona, WhtMale 2128UMFL, 11-21, near pond, denim jacket, May'72

    I have to say, I know more than a few people (male and female) who, as adolescents growing pubic hair for the first time, shaved it off. They didn't understand what it was, that it was normal, so they shaved it off to hide what they thought was a shameful horrible abnormality. So this UID is...
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    Resolved NY - E. Harlem, BlkMale UP6829, 20-30, in river, 'Nate the Great' tattoo, Oct'97

    Wow. How could this not be a match? His family deserves to know for sure.
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    AZ AZ - Phoenix, BlkFem 20-50, 794UFAZ, homeless, in burned car, Feb'97

    Poor woman. Hopefully there will be a cold hit on fingerprints (like with Andrea Kuiper) possibly from police picking her up? I doubt family and friends would know (or care) about her being missing if she had severe mental illness and was chronically homeless.
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    FL FL - Ocala, WhtMale UP6168, 25-50, hit by car on I-75, Nov'90

    Good one! Look at the left ears! UID's may be kind of chewed up from the accident, but I think those are distinctive and similar earlobes nonetheless.
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    TX - Shanna, 36, & Diederik Vandewege, 3 mos, slain, Fort Worth, 15 Dec 2016 *GUILTY*

    That reaction is common among people with narcolepsy, IIRC.
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    Identified! OK - Norman, Woman's body found hanged, Sep'03 - Anna Atkinson

    Norman is almost a suburb of Oklahoma City. It's not what I'd call sleazy, or backwoods, it's mainly a college town: it's where the University of Oklahoma (OU) is. Source: I live in Tulsa, but I've been to Norman many times and even lived part-time in an apartment near campus with a friend for...
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    NV NV - Las Vegas, 'Spring Mountain Doe', WhtFem 30-45, UP6709, 'Louie', 'Riley' tattoos, May'09

    "WWJD" stuff isn't an extremely new thing. I had a little rainbow "WWJD" bracelet when I was a religious 8-year-old, back in 1998-1999. Such "WWJD" paraphernalia were very popular among Christian youth, had been for at least several years at the time. I also agree with other posters that...