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    Found Deceased MI - Brynn Bills, 18, staying with friends, Alpena, 3 Aug 2021 *Abby Hill also fnd deceased*

    3rd man charged in connection with ongoing murder investigations of Brynn Bills & Abby Hill - True North Radio Network
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    FL FL - Richard Henski, 35, Lehigh Acres, 11 April 2012

    Bumping for Rick. It will never be too late for this case to be solved. If you know something, speak up!
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    Still Missing MI - Danielle Stislicki, 28, Southfield, 2 Dec 2016 #15 *ARREST*

    Are they saying that the property they found of Dani’s is like ‘fruit from the poisonous tree’ ONLY because it came from the polygraph (inadmissible in court) OR because of how the info passed from person to person?
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #24

    Whoa, Nellie! I wonder what/when Keith knew. I wonder if there will be more arrests? Man, I can hardly believe this day has arrived!
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    CA CA - John Beck, 73, Alameda, 9 Feb 2016 #2

    Wishing a Merry Christmas to all the victims of John Beck’s crooked scam.
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    GUILTY MI - Former US Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Charged With CSA

    So happy that Nassar and his accomplice John Geddert are locked up/dead on this Christmas Day. I hope their victims can finally celebrate.
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    MI MI - Julia Niswender, 23, EMU student, Ypsilanti, 10 Dec 2012 - #6

    Thinking of you and your loved ones on this Christmas Day, Julia. May the coming new year bring to light the truth.
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    MI MI - Paige Renkoski, 30, Fowlerville, 24 May 1990

    Thinking of you Paige, on this Christmas Day. Hopefully we will find you some day.
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    FL - Jennifer Kesse, 24, Orlando, 24 Jan 2006 - #13

    Thinking of beautiful Jennifer and her family on this Christmas Day.
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    Found Deceased MI - Brendan Santo 18, visitor, Michigan State University campus, East Lansing, 29 Oct 2021

    “That may be because this is just a mystery with no leads, that there is no spicy back story, that our family is not plastered on the news baring our souls or he’s just some boy that went missing. It’s sad that sometimes the public seems to need those reasons to pay attention but none of that...
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    MI MI - Patricia Spencer, 16, & Pamela Hobley, 15, Oscoda, 31 Oct 1969

    Thinking of you on this Christmas Day, Patricia and Pamela.
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    MI MI - Mary Allen Mischley, 56, Alpena, 22 January 2015

    Thinking of you on this Christmas Day, Mary.
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    MI MI - Lisa Knight, 29, Ossineke, 8 Jun 2012

    Thinking of you today, Lisa. I’m also thinking of your parents. I wish we could find you.
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    MI MI - Erik Cross, 16, Vicksburg, 26 Jun 1983

    Erik, I just spent Christmas Day with my grandchildren, which is exactly what you should have been doing today. Sending much love to those that loved you, and those that are endlessly fighting to bring your case to justice. Erik’s Army WILL see this through.