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    Ireland Crime Cases - Links to cases on Websleuths *No Discussion*

    About the most sordid murder trial that has ever been reported on in Ireland. IRELAND : Graham Dwyer on trial for murder of Elaine O'Hara - really grim reading
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    A Message From ME to Everyone in the JonBenet Forum

    Welcome back! and congratulations on your accomplishment, I hope you enjoy putting your learning to Websleuths...
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    2011.06.09 Sidebar (Trial Day Fourteen):

    If you dont mind me asking but where is "here"?
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    2011.06.08 TRIAL Day Thirteen (Morning Session)

    The irony of it, not only is she now hiding behind a computer screen, but this is taking place in courtroom 23!
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    The Verdict is In - post your thoughts here

    Just wanted to weigh in and say that I am grateful to the judicial process that found BC guilty of first degree murder. I cannot understand the agenda of some posters who insist on continuing the debate, and that we are somewhat dearranged to believe in the justice system and by not being able...
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    State v Bradley Cooper 5-3-11

    I am absolutely convinced of it at this stage!
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    State v Bradley Cooper 5-3-11

    Bonjour everyone, Did anyone hear what the Juror's note was about yesterday?
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    State v. Bradley Cooper 5-2-2011

    Think he meant a "PEX firewall"
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    Bradley Cooper-Guilty or Not Guilty NO DISCUSSION

    Apart from all the CE, I have never once heard him say that "I didn't do it!"
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    State v Bradley Cooper 4-27-2011

    BBM We are not amused by this! Also would like to point out that Brad's mother has her son sitting alive in front of her each day, the Rentze's daughter is gone forever - not exactly the same playing field, if I may say so myself; however much I dislike unkind remarks made about anyone.
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    State v Bradley Cooper 4-27-2011

    It was a cheap shot but pretty dramatic and one gets the drift.
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    State v Bradley Cooper 4-25-11

    Yes, that's what's going on now! Got to admit that it's absolutely incredible that the phone data and sim card were totally wiped out...
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    State v Bradley Cooper 04-15-2011

    Yes, I did hear that DD thought it was pent up anger and frustration which cause BC to kill - he was like a pressure cooker - but what caused the anger and frustration to build up? T'was the root of all evil... money.
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    State v Bradley Cooper 04-15-2011

    Can you say why? I keep getting knocked off...
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    State v Bradley Cooper 04-15-2011

    It's more like a job appraisal done by a pesky boss than a xe.