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    France, Paris - "Lola", 12, Missing after school, Body bound in suitcase, Numbers 1 & 0 put on corpse with 'device', Oct. 2022 *Female suspect arrest*

    I agree with you LammyTheRobot, this might be the saddest of the true crime stories I have heard, but this is the world we live in. We need to stop making excuses for mental illness, stop ignoring it and realize it is here to stay. I’m not sure what Lola and her family could have done, but...
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    SC - Car crash leds to fatal shooting of father/stepdaughter, Georgetown County, Aug 2020 *Arrest*

    I think this is the county where Brittanee Drexel’s phone pinged. I’m not saying they are connected, but only pointing it out because it made me think of her. So terribly sad, both stories.